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Geek / Geology Alert – New Blog Link.

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Just want to give a should-out to a geology-minded blogger who, strangely, found me, via my “temblor” post. The blog is Dr. Geophisics’ Weblog. My friend Preston Ward should get a kick out of this.  

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YouTube Banter! Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!

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  MikeVonDoom states: That bottle-throwing is pollution man! FUCKING POLLUTION!!! Cyberw4y replies: Glass = SiO (Silicon Oxide) Lava: Molten Al, Si, Fe, Ni, Ma, Ca and their respective salts, including SiO. Blame the volcano for spewing pollutant lava. Mr. VonDoom replies: +Cyberw4y Trolling like a sir! xD This my friends, is the way it’s done!

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Good Things Happen…. My First Gig As A Solo Artist!

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You know how sometimes you go a fight, and a hockey game breaks out? Well, yesterday, I went to an Earthquake zone, and a solo gig broke out! Here’s the background. The Mate and a couple of friends went mountain biking yesterday. Their destination? A personal favorite, Parkfield, the self styled Earthquake Capital of the […]

Sunday February 24th, 2013 in Bugs / Road Trip, Food, Fun Bits!, Geology, Life | No Comments »

The Science Of Fracking

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Why the procedure is used.  Even if you are against the use of the practice, you should watch something like this to get a pure scientific explanation of why it’s done. Note: Start the YouTube vid, then follow this powerpoint, using the YT as audio.