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Sensible Conservatism Is Dead. Part 3,510,700.

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Remember when Philando Castile was murdered by a cop, and the right spun it as Castile’s fault???   Well, here we go again. From Conservative intellectual leader Rush Limbaugh:   “””The Khashoggi situation continues to be… If you watched the Drive-By Media, the biggest news of the day continues to be the death of the so-called […]

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The Chicago Corrollary.

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“CHICAGO HAS THE STRICTEST GUNS LAWS IN THE NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   Ahhhh… The clarion call of gun worshiping Conservatives everywhere, which tries to tie gun violence to gun restrictions, not only saying that restrictions don’t work, but they may also CAUSE more gun violence because law abiding citizens aren’t able to defend themselves with their own […]

Fed Up

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I’ve been a very patient man, but I’ve reached my limits. Yesterday, certain Conservatives, without waiting for any confirmation, posted the name of a guy, accusing him of being the driver in the Charlottesville attack. A facebook “friend” was one of those who gleefully posted the name of this person. The innocent guy was accused […]

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When Supposed “Fact Checkers” Fail. UPDATE.

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I love it when someone at some blog tries to strip fact-checking sites like Politifact or Snopes of their “fact-checking” status, only to have overlooked things that show them to be in error. This is a tricky post to write, because I would be lying if I declared I hadn’t gotten things wrong from time […]

“Crooked” Hillary. Pt 2 – Subtitled: The More I Research Her, The Less I Hate Her.

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Just about every time I look into an accusation or scandal about Hillary Clinton, something that is supposed to make me hate her or confirm my hate for her, I come out the other side with information that exonerates her, at least to some degree. An old chestnut hanging around for a long time, one that […]

“Crooked” Hillary?

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As a guy who holds a degree in radio / video / film production, the election season is always a fun time for me. There is so much propaganda out there to dissect, it’s hard to decide where to begin. But sometimes, things fall into your lap. Here’s one about “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, and her […]