It's Almost Spring, Time For Sex.

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Based on the “Slippery Slope” argument, maybe the the opponents of gay
are not that far off the mark after all. I’m just glad gorilla’s don’t swing from vines if you catch my drift.

And in the “So Glad I’m Gay!” department…

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Her is a link to another blog I like.

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Two links I find of interest:

Billy Harvey
Mayor Jerry Brown

Maybe I’m being a bit anal-retentive, but I WANT to make it a Sonicfrog Blog policy to link to other blog and web sites only after I get approval from the author or web master. The great musician Billy Harvey gave his approval to link to His web site. It’s quite fun, but may not work well if you are still using a modem to connect to the internet. Mayor J. B. has not yet responded, but he is running a city after all. I’m not sure if he will respond to my request, but I will check my e-mail with baited breath. is the family site (Me, Mate and Miss Bird) and I grant executive privileged. I play bass and wear funny hats for Chris Plays Guitar so I’ve eared the rights to show us off. Corey at OPIEblue has kindly given his permission to link to his blog, and I thank him for that. He has the cutest little Boston Terrier puppy named Bug. There are more sites I want to link to, but will wait until I get approval, that is until I become too complacent and ignore my own rules. You know, like not tasting the desert before dinner, or not having sex on the first date. Thank God I don’t date anymore. That’s one rule I don’t have to worry about.

The Best Laid Plans

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No, this has nothing to do with sex, unless you include the transportation that gets you to and from the sex. This is about the ever-wacky California legislature. Several years ago they posted a tax on gasoline per-gallon, to supposedly help pay for road and highway improvements. Well, since SUV sales in this Bizarro state increased every year after the tax went into effect, and SUV’s get, oh, 8 mi. to the gallon, you would think that the government in Sacramento would be awash in gas-tax money and the streets would be paved with gold. Nope! No such luck (I’d be the first one in the streets with a pick-ax). Though everyone and their mother’s dog is driving SUV’s, the roads are still hell. Makes you wonder where all the gas tax money went. Don’t even tell me that the government spent the money on something else! They would never do that! So anyway, now California has a pending crisis to go along with the other pending crisises. The state population, after getting a tongue lashing from Ariana Huffington (Zsa Zsa) and the enviro’s about how EVIL we are for driving those big, fat, ugly, gas-guzzling, polluting, unsafe, roll-over-prone, Jesus-Hating SUV’s, we beleaguered citizens are turning our collective queer and-not-so-queer eyes toward hybrid vehicles (being a tech-geek, both my eyes love ’em). One problem; because the average hybrid uses an average 1/10’th of the gas per-mile that the average SUV uses, California stands to loose mega wads of tax $$$$ from ever decreasing gas sales.

They never learn. Same thing happened with the anti-smoking lobby. They sell you with the line that taxing “X Product” will help curb usage (’cause “X” kills or whatever) and raise revenue at the same time. So it’s a win win. Government gets more dough, and usage of “X” does eventually decline. Well, the state adds the projected revenue to the budget, but, due to base-line budgeting, can’t adjust to the eventual decreased revenue due to the inevidable decreased demand, though this is what they claimed wanted in the first place. Since taxes are to Government what heroin is to a junkie; as the tax revenue falls, the state needs to find a new source. So what’s a State to do…. And these taxes are are always regressive, hurting the poor the most.

The Blogman Only Posts Twice

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Posting twice in one day. WOW! It would be a new record for me if I hadn’t posted three times on Feb. 11’th.

Eason Jordan vs. Bloggers. Bloggers 1, Jordan 0. Coutesy of The Volokh Conspiracy

Next On Fox; "When Art Attacks"!

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..or “THE GATE OF HELL” invade Central Park!

This is a cautionary tale, not for the weak of heart. I was really drunk that year so forgive me if I don’t recall all the details, but in 1991, while I was going to school here at Fresno State U., Christo unfurled his latest, greatest exhibit to date – The Umbrellas – in the south part of the San Joaquin Valley. While a Japanese tourist was taking some photos of the “majestic objects”, one of the said umbrellas, that was apparently a BIG FAN of Sean Penn, decided to take out the photographer. The problem was, said umbrella didn’t know its own strength and killed the hapless Japanese tourist. Christo had to remove the offending umbrellas, but, as far as I know, the rouge umbrella was never charged with any crime and is still at large. Anyway, I just want to warn those unsuspecting New Yorkers to be very weary and don’t get too close to these “Gate” things ( I’m talkin’ to you Corey and Olie ). You just don’t know what kind of mood they’re in!

PS. Some years after this incident, I was forming a new band and we couldn’t decide on a name. The two we were going to use were either “Christo’s Killer Umbrellas” or “Bobby Finster and the Tire Tracks”, dedicated to the guy I ran over when I was 18. After much debate we finally settled on “Tribe Called Mike”, because we were all named “Mike”. Really!

(disclaimer – certain names have been changed to protect the indecent!)


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OK. It was ONE person I didn’t know. I was soooooo exited that someone new visited my blog I failed to recognize that one of the visitors is the lovely wife (I promise I’ll give you back your gloves) of my lovely drummer, Bryan, pictured HERE.


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At least two people, who I don’t know, but are obviously fine outstanding netizens, visited my blog today. Oh the rapture!!!! I guess this is a good time to re-plug my Fresno band, “Chris Plays Guitar”, which can be found HERE.

School and What-not

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I finally got my grade from the first class in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Education. I did very well. I’m not sure how my final paper affected my grade, but I did find a flaw in the thing. I used a rather generic quote from a website in the paper. While I did site the web page in the document itself, I forgot to list the site in the references. I should receive the paper / portfolio in the mail any day now and will be able to pick through it for errors. So what grade did I get in the class you ask? “A-“. I’ve never been a stickler for grades. If I get a “B” or something close to it, I’m happy. So why does the “-” in front of the “A” bother me so much, when before I didn’t have a care in the world? Maybe it was the mate’s comment “You only got an A-?”! That big, brained smarty-pants bastard! He has to ruin everything!

Social Security Reform

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I posted this to one of my favorite blogs, Boy From Troy;

“On the one hand you have several nations who have tried privatization and failed, as seen here. But you could also ask, if it’s so bad then why do we all want jobs with pensions and 401k’s, which are investment accounts? What’s a boy to do?”

I don’t know if the Bush plan is the right plan, but I find it very hypocritical for Democrats, who campaigned a few years back on “Lock—-Box” (thank you SNL), and had their previous President argue for something similar, to NOW say “Nope! No problem here!” (thank you “Cujo”).