Personality Defects Are NOT Covered Under Warranty!

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Personality Defect Test.

Hat Tip: North Dallas Thirty

Introducing – Drumroll Please – My Car Murphy :-)

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As some of you know, I have been trying to rebuild this car for over a month. It is done!

Here it is in all it’s $500 glory.

Murphy’s Good Side.

PS. More Pics can be found Here.


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Murphy’s Not-So-Good Side!
Note the little dent by the front tire. What do you expect for $500. But check out the interior….sonicfrog


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Probably the most intact interior I have ever had.


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I finaly own a car with a sun roof.


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Say Ahhhhhhhhh!

It’s JUST WAITING to be stuffed with band equipment!

Sorry… Sorry…

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I humbly appologize for not posting anything for a while. Been busy. Yeah, I know. Thats what I always say.

But It’s True!!!

The car LIVES. I will get into more detail on that soon. But in the meantime, here is something to help you pass the time while I go and see the last Star War pic.

Beware The Dark Side!!!

Hat Tip: Slant Point.

And you might as well check out Caption This! too.

An Old Friend.

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Uh, Oh. I felt it was a perfect night for some Genesis. Three Sides Live is stunning. I am digitally recording the album even as I type. Sometimes Phil Collins can out Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel on the live stuff. I always found myself listening to the third and fourth side the most. I always had a special spot in my heart for “You Might Recall” and “Evidence of Autumn”. Those songs speak to me. And the musicianship. Anyone who doesn’t thing Phil is a phenomenal drummer is, well, quite loopy. Mike Rutherford is a HUGE influence on my Bass playing. When I’m playing CPG’s “Fortune 500” there is one little riff that is totally a Rutherford rip-off. And I think of him EVERY TIME I play it.

PS. Duke is my # 1 album of all time. I call it my “Coma Album”. If I don’t wake up when you play this album whilst in a coma, go ahead and pull the plug!!

DAMN IT – The recording has audio glitches. The recording skips, and it’s not the album (yes, I do mean LP). I was listening during the recording, and it didn’t skip once STUPID WINDOWS XP!!!!!!!! Should have used Linux.

The Car – So Far…

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OK. As some of you know, I bought a dead 1987 Subaru Turbo Wagon last month for $500. I am throwing a new engine and transmission into the car. I was going to work on it last week-end, but life got in the way. So TODAY was the day I was going to get it all together and drive it. Here is my progress.

On the new engine, here is the list of accomplishments:
Removed all that needed to be removed, including intake manifold, water pump, timing belts, gaskets and cam, front and rear-main seals. I installed the seals and valve cover gaskets. The engine is almost ready for its new home.

Now for the setbacks:
The long intake manifold bolt head broke off, so it tool me an hour to weasel the manifold up and off. I thought the reason it wouldn’t come off was because there was a lot of corrosion on the bolt. The more likely reason it took me an hour was that I forgot to disconnect the EGR pipe that screws into the intake manifold (duh). The crank-shaft pulley bolt would not budge, instead breaking my home made flywheel stopper I have had for twenty years. Wedging a C clamp onto the flywheel did the trick, but my torque wrench wasn’t torquie enough, so eventually I had to go and buy a breaker bar (should have done that long, long ago). Had to make three shopping trips to various parts stores for bits and do-dads I forgot to get last week-end. And last but not least, I trashed the new rear-main seal trying to put it in with a plastic cup. The seal went in crooked, and the edge of the cup bit through the inner part of the seal.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure the tranny I bought from LA is the wrong one, so I guess I’ll try and seal the old one as best I can in the meantime.

So tomorrow is another auto shop day. Thank god I have a garage AND bought that engine hoist last week. I would have spent more money on a rental.

I Guess I'm Into Recycling…

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…posts that is. This is for Sleepybomb, where ever he may be.

As posted on April 29th, 2005. “Another great musician and a friend / co-conpirator of Billy Harvey (they help each other out in the studio). Ladies and Gents’, tables and chairs, please give a big hand to song-writer extrordinare, Bob Schneider. Here is the link to B. Schne’s works. It seems I gravitate toward artists who work with other artists I like, such as guitarist Tim Pirce. He has worked with, among others, Toy Matinee and Tim Finn.”