An Old Friend.

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Uh, Oh. I felt it was a perfect night for some Genesis. Three Sides Live is stunning. I am digitally recording the album even as I type. Sometimes Phil Collins can out Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel on the live stuff. I always found myself listening to the third and fourth side the most. I always had a special spot in my heart for “You Might Recall” and “Evidence of Autumn”. Those songs speak to me. And the musicianship. Anyone who doesn’t thing Phil is a phenomenal drummer is, well, quite loopy. Mike Rutherford is a HUGE influence on my Bass playing. When I’m playing CPG’s “Fortune 500” there is one little riff that is totally a Rutherford rip-off. And I think of him EVERY TIME I play it.

PS. Duke is my # 1 album of all time. I call it my “Coma Album”. If I don’t wake up when you play this album whilst in a coma, go ahead and pull the plug!!

DAMN IT – The recording has audio glitches. The recording skips, and it’s not the album (yes, I do mean LP). I was listening during the recording, and it didn’t skip once STUPID WINDOWS XP!!!!!!!! Should have used Linux.