Found A Great New Blog.

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Actually, the Sonic-mate found it and sent it to me. This blog has some of the most stunning insight I’ve read in quite some time. I will definitely “Blogtopus” it.

A Favorite Bad Movie From The 70's.

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Who Should Operate US Ports???

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Is THIS good enough reason to oppose this sale? I mean if the worst foreign policy president of the 20th century likes it, it must be bad.

Seriously, I think Carter supports the sale, because opposing it would undercut his Camp David legacy, the only real foreign policy bright spot people remember.

There is a concern that no-one is yet talking about. What will the regional backlash be if the sale is halted by Congress or the President? Arab unification in demanding Middle East base closures? And we can’t just say we don’t want our ports operated by foreign interests, since the current owner operates out of Great Britain.

I don’t think the fallout from this, if the sale is rewound, will help us in the WOT at all. But we’ll see.

PS. The Bush administration must have known this would not sit well with the average American. This could be a gambit played by the Bush administration to try and fend off negative reaction by the UAE or other Middle East WOT partners. If Congress overturns the sale, Bush can show that he was for the sale, but was overruled by the people. And as for Bush? Well, he’s not running for office, nor does he have a clear predecessor, as Clinton did with Gore. So he is not schackled to short term politics like others who will be running for office in the next few years. I think Bush is very much a long term strategist. The Iraq action and reshaping the mindset of the Middle East is a long term project. Compare that to the “capture Bin Laden” crowd. They make it sound like his capture or death equals the end of the War on Terror.

Yes I Am!!!! Again!

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Here’s one for Trekkies… or Trekkers.

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What I Did On Sunday…

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.. and what I will be doing on Monday, and Tuesday, etc. etc.




You see, my car has a blown head gasket. When you have a blown head gasket, you know because your car will lose water and run hot, feels like not all cylinders are firing, and develop a milky foam on the dipstic and on the inside of the oil cap. In college, I had a car that would blown head gaskets every six without fail. As I was extremely cash deficient at the time, being in college and all, I got very, very good at repairing this problem myself. Lets just say a torque wrench was one of my best investments.

This is likely where the problem occurred. It is the # 3 cylinder in my engine, and is known to be the weak spot in this engines design. If you look closely, you can see the arrow points to two partially clogged passages. The clog is caused by something I put into the engine called Barr’s Stop Leak. It temporarily fixes blown head gaskets. I started the repair now because I think the stuff was starting to wear off, so I figured now is as good a time as any to tackle the job. My car, a 1987 Subaru GL-10 Turbo Wagon, has two cylinder heads, one on each side of the engine. Though the other head showed no signs of having a blown gasket, it is always a good idea to replace both gaskets since you have the engine apart anyway. kkjj

The Birds and Bees, According to Volokh

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They’re not gay cowboys, but it’s close. Check this out. And the funny thing is, I found it on Eugene Volokh’s site. God, lawyers are repressed or something!

My Dog Can Do Something I Can't…

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PS. And don’t think I don’t know what you perverts were thinking!

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Got This Ad Via E-Mail…

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Great! A Sex Trampoline!!

Looks Like Fun… until someone gets hurt!!!

A Cool Blog

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I can’t acurately describe how cool this site is, so I won’t even try.

Hat Tip: My friend Devorah.

Dancing Naked In a Fountain!

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So I wasn’t going to blog much for the next few weeks….

And I’m not. But This picture at “Caption This” just demanded a post.

THIS is for my sister, Mary Beth. Love Ya!

I’ll elaborate on the reason for this post later, but she’ll get it.

PS. Here are the lyrics, and they have a dulcimer tab too!