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dear moma. uncle mike sent me senior don gato, and spelled my nick-name wrong.

Away For A Week

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I’m in Washington visiting my Mom and Dad. Mom is recovering from the single-double bypass surgery well enough, but still needs someone around for this and that. My older sister had flown in from Dallas and helped out for the last couple of weeks, but had to get back to Big-D or else lose her job, so I flew up to take her place. I won’t be blogging much ’cause the parents only have a dail-up modem. I will have a good size blog soon.

Off Line???

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You know how everyone has had a bad day now and then? Well mine was OK, but apparently the kind folks at Blogspot were having one. I haven’t been able to access my blog for about a day as Blogspot has been busy transfering files from an old server to a newer one. The date on the post I linked is March 15th, but I expect they will post an update soon. The funny thing about this incident is that Chad over at Cake or Death had just switched back to Blogspot after trying Type Pad, and I wrote how I have had absolutely no problems with Blogspot. I guess that will teach me to open my big mouth.

De Ja Vu All Over Again

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I posted this on a friends blog, and thought it would look good here as well. It’s all about my thoughts on the upcoming presidential run. I know, I know. It’s early. But I have been thinking about it since the end of 2004. I admit it – I’m a political junkie!

I “LOVE” the game of politics, but find the stench and the repercussions of it all sometimes unbearable, regardless of the political party. Speaking of parties, It’s like going to a frat party. You first walk in and find that some of the guys like politics, computers, comics, rugby, and music as much as you do. Yeah, you’re sportin’ intellectual wood, and maybe some other. And you think “Wow, this is soo cool. These guys are hot”! But after a couple of hours you step outside for some air and come back in to realize that:

A) God, this place stinks of dead beer, booze, vomit, and other nasty bodily gases, and,

B) you seem to be the only gay guy at the party and, even though they’re cool with that, you can’t talk to anyone on a serious level because, well, they’re frat boys and don’t do serious,

C) the straight guy you kinda had a crush on is either loudly banging some chick in the other room, was nice sober but is a freaking jerk when drunk, or,

D) you get to know him a lot more at the party and realize he is nothing but an uninteresting shallow spoiled brat after all, who thinks everyone, including you, are socially a step or two under him, and I don’t mean under him in a good way.

Substitute the frat party with either political party, and the cute straight guy is a politician. Yep. That’s politics in a nutshell!

I am curious about the list of presidential hopefuls, and who will get the nod. Though some are hoping for another chance for him, I don’t think it will be McCain. I think it will either be The Mayor G., or, believe it or not, a rehabilitated Newt.

On the Dem side, I’m trying to get my little bro, who is a fairly liberal Democrat, to flesh out a list of potentials. He’s not fond of Hil, but I think his wife is.

Some R’s want Jeb to run. I would give up wine and chocolate and start dating tall women if that would prevent that. On the one hand, if he and Hillary got the nod, that would be the most nastily barbaric political fun that the world has ever seen! But then, GOD, haven’t we had enough of these two families for one century???

Jeffrey Lyle

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My older brother and his music. He is a far more talented musician than I. As a kid, even when I hated him for being mean to me and my little brother, I always admired his musical ablilties.

Happiness Is A Click Away.

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It’s most definitely NOT what you think, perverts, but turn up your speakers anyway and enjoy. And keep in mind, the laughter you emit is probably not what the designers of the website had in mind. I thought I saw Colin Powell bobbing around in the left corner.

Hat Tip: Web Pages That Suck! via Digg


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This is just stupid! But then again, isn’t this just a logical result of the “inclusion” principles guiding the education establishment today? Man I’m in a bitter mood.

Happy B-Day To Me… Sort Of.

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# 41.

I wish the day was happier. Mom is in the hospital in Washington, scheduled to have double bypass surgery today at about noon today. This is her second go under the knife, the first being a triple BP in 1986. She is 74, and has a number of other health issues such as diabetes to complicate things, so of coarse I’m worried. I wish I could be there, but my sister and brother live nearby and are giving plenty of help and support for both her and Dad. When Mom and Dad lived in Fallbrook, CA, 327 miles away from Fresno, I would drive down to help when they needed me or had an emergency. Now that they live in Washington, 900 some-odd miles away, and Mary Beth and Jeff live close by, my role in caring for them is diminished. That’s not quite the right way to phrase that, but It’s as close as I can come to explaining things right now. If I fly up today I wouldn’t be able to contribute much or stay that long, and she would be laid up the whole time. Mom would rather I come for a visit when she is back on her feet so we can do stuff together, like go shopping at Fryes or go to one of the tribal casinos. I am going to take today off and finish replacing the head gasket on my car, a project I started a month ago. That should keep my mind occupied and keep the worrying at bay.

I love you Mom and you know what I want for my birthday.

UPDATE: My sister called last night to let me know that the surgery went well. I am very relieved. I got the best birthday present I’ve ever wanted.

For "Marley" (I'm gonna get in trouble for that)

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This was not easy to find, but here are the lyrics to a favorite childhood song.

oh senor don gato was a cat
on a high red roof don gato sat
he went there to read a letter (meow meow meow)
where the reading light was better (meow meow meow)
twas a love note for don gato

“i adore you” wrote the lady cat
who was fluffy white and nice and fat
oh there wasn’t a sweeter kitty (meow meow meow)
in the country or the city (meow meow meow)
and she said shed wed don gato

oh don gato jumped so happily
he fell off the roof and broke his knee
broke his ribs and all his whiskers (meow meow meow)
and his little solar plexus (meow meow meow)
!ay carramba! cried don gato

then the doctors soon came on the run
just to see if something could be done
and they held a consultation (meow meow meow)
about to save their patient (meow meow meow)
how to save senior don gato

but in spite of everything they tried
poor senior don gato up and died
oh it wasnt very merry (meow meow meow)
going to the cemetary (meow meow meow)
for the funeral for don gato

when the funeral passed the market square
such a smell of fish was in the air
though his funeral was slated (meow meow meow)
he became reanimated (meow meow meow)
he came back to life don gato

Love You Neyna.

PS. There will be more added to this post soon.

Making Light of a Bad Situation.

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… and as is the custom when having a Car-B-Q in Palestine, they served the region’s favorite finger food, Gaza Strips!!!

For more, go here.