Oh Good. Does This Mean We Can Go Back To Using Incandescent Bulbs And Driving Our SUV's???

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OK. I never had an SUV, and I like the little fluorescent bulbs, but at least now we can all relax and Al Gore can stop trying to save our doomed planet.


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I Have No Idea Just What This Is…

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… But it does have Bugs in it, and that means I’m headed down to San Diego for the third annual Halloween gig.

[youtube -3JCESdFNyw]

UPDATE:  The link no longer works…. Bummer. I’ll try to find something else that has a bug in it.


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… To Bill Clinton, reacting properly when heckled by members of the “9/11 Truthers”, who believe, despite all the evidence that the government very rarely does anything very well, that the U. S. bureaucracy somehow planned and pulled off the 9/11 attacks. I would have done much worse, but that’s why he’s him and I’m not.

Goodbye To All That.

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Here’s why one guy decided to join, and now more recently, leave the Libertarian party. I became a card-carrying Libertarian in the early 90’s, while I was finishing my first stint in college (and yes, they DID actually send you a laminated card for your wallet). I took a test one day that determined my political leanings were of the Libertarian / Conservative sort. And like Mr. Green, also a fine outstanding drunk, I too changed to Republican for the 2000 election, but for a different reason – I wanted a smaller government candidate, and G. W. Bush sounded better than the others. Boy, did I get bamboozled! Maybe I was as drunk as Mr. Green a.k.a. “The VadkaPundit” was when he became a Republican, but either we’ve both changed our stripes, or our stripes no longer fit in with the political landscape. I can’t call this period a political hangover, but I can say the current state of politics leaves me feeling a bit queasy and dissatisfied. I am at the same point in life as Mr. Green, were nothing anybody is saying in the political landscape is sounding like anything I can support. And like Mr. Green, I am on the verge of going it alone and becoming an Independent.

It's About Time, Pt. 227

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Well, well, here’s a lawsuit that’s long overdue. In an effort to be unbiased and fair, I’m not going to tell you who I’m rooting for, but I’ll give you a subtle hint…


Completely Uncalled For…

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[youtube bn1-M5Ze0p8]

Hat Tip: Sully

Halloween Party Saturday

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…in San Marcos.

My band RareForm will be performing for the third time in four years. Directions are Here. Oh, and there will be a costume contest, lots o’ booze and food, and strippers. OK. I’m just kidding about the strippers… but then again…

PS. Yes this pic is in bad taste given all that has transpired in So-Cal this week. But it just screamed to be posted. It’s Halloween, I’m a bastard – Freaking Trick-Or-Treat – Deal with it!

A Fellow Traveler…

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in the blog-pond of life.

Al Gore: As Big And Hot As The Sun.

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It seems even the Earth is sick of hearing Al Gore talk about global warming. The former VP is so in love with the sound of his own voice, he didn’t even notice the enraged planet stalking him from behind, poised for the attack.

Hat Tip: V The K.