New Favorite Band…

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It’s Band Porn at it’s finest… for me anyway!!!

This Is The End, My Friend… Pt. 2

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The RIAA has won a battle… but LOST THE WAR !!!! Madonna was heard to say to the record labels – “So long, and thanks for all the fish”!

More background Here.

That's Gooood Eatin', Circa 1985

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So, I hear that, in order to fight Global Warming, Greenpeace has endorsed making burgers with kangaroo meat. Looks like Jack-In-The-Box was way ahead of the curve on this one!

What Am I Doing This Weekend???

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Here is a hint.

Later, I show you what I did last weekend.

OK. This is what I replaced this last weekend.


The Case For Impeachment.

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I have been very critical about the demands to impeach Presidents Bush and Cheney (the latter has at times acted more the President than the former) because the main complaint was that they lied about WMD’s to get us into Iraq.  First and foremost, you would have to prove the executive branch had specific, solid proof that Iraq clearly and definitely did not have, or were not reconstituting their weapons programs, and that knowledge was available before we invaded. That is a very difficult accusation to prove. There are intelligence documents that contradict the many parts of the case made to invade Iraq. But countering that are twelve years of various statements by a plethora of politicians, including those now opposed to the war – Gore, Kerry, Clintons B & H – exclaiming Iraq was a threat for reasons too numerous to list here, plus twenty sum-odd years of maleficence by the Iraq government and their continued resistance that made a mockery of the UN inspection process up till the very end. I think the main reason the Democratic congress has not moved to impeach is in fact because the defense council for the President will call the aforementioned opponents to the stand, and play back, on the record, all the statements they made before Bush became President, declaring and confirming Iraq was a threat. Basically you have to prove Bush and Cheney DEFINITELY KNEW Iraq had no WMD’s and went to war anyway. Given Saddams long sorry history, that indeed would be hard to prove.

So, is there a case for impeaching the President(s)? If so, it can be found somewhere in this muck. This whole thing stinks; it’s damming stuff. But now you have another problem. Nowhere in this mess do you see the President himself committing a “high crime or misdemeanor”. And he can always say he was acting on the legal recommendations of the Attorney General / legal counsel.

I voted for Bush in 2000 because he was talking up a good game on small government, less spending, and reforming the budgetary process by eliminating the practice of base-line budgeting. Of coarse he has given us exactly the opposite. I didn’t vote for him in ’04 because of this. My complaint is not just with Bush; the Republican party has abandoned the principles less government interference and spending restraint, in favor of being the party of “Christian values”… and achieved neither. The Republican Congress couldn’t control its voracious budgetary appetite or say no to any earmark that was on the table, but somehow managed to find the will to convene in the middle of the night and insert itself into the Terry Schaivo affair, where it had no jurisdiction. Everyday brings new light on some new or ongoing scandal or embarrassment involving a Republican or someone with direct or indirect ties to the White House. The disgust for so many screw-up, miscalculations, and general ineptness of the previous Republican majority, led by Bush, Cheney, and Karl Rove, may deliver the unthinkable – a Hillary Clinton Presidency. There may not be a clear case for impeachment, but I am getting this feeling that the Republicans are going to suffer at the ballot box for the sins of this administration and this group of party leaders for years to come.

This Is The End, My Friend…

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… Well not quite. But it does reek of the death of the middleman and the music industry as we know it. The RIAA lawsuits look like they’ve run out of gas (follow the fun Here). There are now two mainstream online music stores that sell DRM free music, with more rumored to be on the way. Radiohead has decided to skip the industry altogether. Prince is following a somewhat similar path. It will only take a few new bands, uncompromised by the industry, to break out on the net, then look out!

[youtube BiB0VgOKojg]

OK, “KILLED” is not the right word. Outgrew maybe is better. This is somewhat like the challenge the horse drawn carriage manufacturers faced just after the turn of the twentieth century with the advent of the automobile assembly line, which changed the horseless carriage from a luxury item, a hobby only for the rich (referred to as an “automobilist“), into an affordable utilitarian device for the average consumer. Once this genie was let out of the bottle, there was no way of stopping it. Adapt or die, the saying goes. William Durant was one of the few of the horse-and-buggy set that had the foresight to ditch his old industry and tie his already considerable fortunes to the emerging horseless carriage industry.

I suspect that more people already use the internet more that listen to the radio. Doubt that it’s happened yet, but at some point more people will listen and acquire music over the internet than they do via standard broadcast radio and brick and mortar record stores. The ease at which data – and music – are share over the web is frightening, yet it is a natural byproduct of an internet-connected world. Instead of embracing the changing world, the RIAA chose to fight against music sharing, thus battle against the very nature of the internet and the inevitable increase in data proliferation inherent in the new medium. In trying to hold on to its old outdated ways of controlling content and trying to maintain a “business as usual” model, the record industry may be on the verge of paying dearly for its shortsightedness.