"You Want The Truth? You Can’t Handle The Truth!"….

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… or tell it, apparently.

The Clinton’s just can’t seem to get their minds, or campaign for that matter, around a little thing called the Internet. Things were so much easier fifteen years ago, when any fact checking could be dismissed as the distortions of a right-wing conspiracy. But, all the same, I’m sure her team will insist she was only speaking metaphorically.

PS. The Sonic-Mate did note that if you look very closely and tilt your head to the left, you will see that Hillary is actually using the girl as a human shield. Her bravery in the line of fire never ceases to amaze!

So, I guess Spitzer was also lying when he wore that "I just spent $5000 dollars, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" T-shirt.

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I didn’t participate much in the feeding frenzy over Spizter’s curious spending habits because, well, everyone else was doing it, and I’m a non-conforming non-conformist… whatever that means. Well now that the news cycle has moved on to other things (Obama and the Preacher – sounds like a TV sitcom), I thought that I would again weigh in.

I fully admit I wallowed in a certain amount of glee when I heard the news about Spitzer. His comeuppance was long overdue. The thing that really ticked me off about Spitzer had nothing to do with sex (darn). Spitzer went way over the line when he went after NYSE Chairmn Dick Grasso, for (drumroll please) making too much money. It wasn’t just that he went after Grasso – it was the ferocity with which he went after the guy. Even though there is no evidence that any corporate malfeasance, or that stockholders were ripped off a-la World.Com or Enron, Grasso was non-the-less slandered and lumped in with the likes of Bernie Ebbers, Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay. That was Spitzer’s style. Grasso did a masterful job of reviving the NYSE after 9/11 and more than earned his hefty bonus for that alone. The bonus was an accumulated payout based on performance and years working for the exchange. Spitzer claims the bonus violates state law because the amount paid is “unreasonable”… Whawaaa??? Just who is deciding what is unreasonable.

I would think that paying $5000 for a former “Girls Gone Wild” hooker, to most of us, seems “unreasonable”.

PS. I just found this gem, so their was some sex involved after all.

PPS. Spitzer’s downfall??? It’s all Bush’s fault!!!

This Just Has To Stop.

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People have got to stop referring to women who plan to vote for Hillary solely on the basis that she is a women – as women who will be voting with their vagina’s. It can’t be done! I mean, can a woman generate enough grip in her nether-region to be able to hold a hole punch, let alone use it to punch through effectively? We absolutely do not want to deal with any hanging chads during this election. Don’t even get me started with the butterfly ballot / mirror jokes. If a woman is a really, really good dancer, she might, maybe, be able to get through a write-in ballot, but I doubt the writing would be legible. What if it’s a touch screen… Eew!!! The imagery grosses me out. I’m to the point where I plan on bringing rubber gloves to my poling place. And if a woman steps out of the voting booth I’m about to use, I’m letting the person in back of me go first.

Oh, and guys, if you plan on voting for Obama or McCain with your penises – forget it. Right off the bat, the write-in ballot would be impossible. Due to the pressure needed to properly use a pen, women have the advantage here as we would have to stand on our hands and hope the Viagra kicks in. And I don’t envy the man capable of properly maneuvering the hole punch ballot. Now, we may be able to get through a touch screen machine, but depending on the height of the screen, many of us might need something to stand on…

The Sub-Prime Primer.

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Hat Tip: Volokh.

Origonians, Please, Vote For The Little Guy…..

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Really…. I’m Serious!!!

[youtube QFX1TCK_PS8]

and how do I get one of these beer openers?

[youtube N2UesvrH-cs]

The Spitzer Non-Fan Club

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Here are the few of the many members. I wonder if Hillary Clinton would accept honorary mention on the list, since it was a question about Spitzer’s attempt to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants that precipitated her slow but steady fall from being the anointed Democratic nominee, to falling helplessly and haplessly behind to an “unqualified” “inexperienced” “black” man.

"It's 3 a.m."…

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One nit-pick I had about the Hillary ad is that, under normal circumstances, when the phone rings in the White House at 3 a.m., the president, who ever that may be, absolutely will NOT be the person who picks up the phone. Here is a more realistic dramatization of the 3 a.m. call.

Hat Tip: Sully.

It "is" what it "is"….

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    Democrats Fight Over Defining “Winning”.


That is the headline of a story featured today on MSNBC. My first though – the obvious one – this HAS to be about the Clintons.


I wish they would consider putting at least this much effort into figuring out the definition of “winning” the war on terrorism and the conflict in Iraq, so we can bring some of our troops home. Oh, wait, what am I thinking? That isn’t important right now – It’s The Economy… The Election, Stupid!!!

"…being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player."

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Ouch! Former Irish First Minister Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, on Hillary’s claims of helping to “bring peace to Northern Ireland”. Of coarse, the Hillary camp will no doubt spin this and say “See, he actually agrees with our position on this, since he says it’s only slightly different from being a principal player”. Anyway, here’s more blow-back, from the very network where she made that claim, and others, about her foreign policy experience.


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…to another great musician, Jeff Healy. I am not that familiar with most of his work, and only know him from his foray into rock in the early 90’s, but I very much admired his talent and perseverance.