CPG – The Good Ol’ Days. UPDATE!

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Truckstop Lovin’ & Alcoholic Lullaby – CPG live @ Club Fred Fresno, Jan 2006 from Patrick Reetz on Vimeo.

This band is probably the most flat-out-good-time music fun I’ve had the pleasure to play!!!… though I DID get to parade around in my smiley-face boxers in Juni Moon!… and crazy wigs in Rare Form… and crazy hats in Acoustic Highway….

Anyway, all musicians should be so lucky to have played with such a fun group of guys. I am proud to have served as the bottom end to Chris Plays Guitar.

PS. There is more video on the way!

UPDATE: OK, it’s not video – I’ll have that by the week end – but here is an unearthed Live recording of us TOTALLY MUTILATING AND DESTROYING the Paula Abdul song Straght Up. The original copy of the song was cloudy and had really low treble frequencies, so I tweaked the EQ setting so it would sound better.


4 / 16 / 2008 – Today's Question.

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Generally, I distrust any news organization that thinks the slogan “Truth to Power” has any relevance in todays world, as the truth is subjective, and the press itself is a “power” that must also be put in check and vetted for “truth”. The tag line of this article makes a big fuss that the building is six months behind schedule. Somehow, I think the bigger issue is this:  someone tell me, why does it cost 3/4’s of a billion dollars to build an embassy?

Mike, Dan'l and, especially Cliff….

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Pull On This!!!

PS. # 2 seems to be missing. Will try to find it when I get more time.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry,…

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Sorry I haven’t blogged in sooo long. I have been insanely busy with the indentured servitude that is student teaching, and trying to do a few spa jobs to keep some sort of money in my pocket between student loan disbursements. Even as we speak, I am trying to rewrite my teaching philosophical statement that I wrote a few years and failed hard drives ago. “Your What?????” you may ask. It is basically a declaration of the reasons why I want to teach, and what kind of pedagological techniques I plan on implementing to enhance student learning….. pedagological….. yes, it took me a week to learn to say it too!!! Only slightly longer than it did to learn to correctly pronounce the name “Ahmadinejad”. In a nutshell, pedagogy is the study of education techniques to determine which ones work, when, where, and why. It’s more complicated than that, but I have to get back to work to finish that “thing” I am writing about writing. There is a job fair later today at the College, and I must be ready.

PS. Mike, Daniel, and Cliff – especially Cliff – I have a HUGE, unimaginable surprise waiting for you. If I can only find the time to post it…