I Laughed Till I Cried….

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This is the description of myself as a kid when I watched any number of skits performed on the “Carrol Burnett Show”. That show was one of the all-time great comedy shows in TV history. Now I am crying as I find one of the four ensemble cast members, Harvey Korman, has passed away. Here is just a sample of his work – the famous “Went With The Wind” sketch.

[youtube 2Nt0yi4wbro]

You will be remembered fondly for gift of laughter you gave me as a kid.

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Andromeda Strain… On Credibility.

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Well. That was just bad. I just got done watching the first half of the A&E remake of Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain. It’s way too long. The script is contrived and dumbed down (since it’s a remake from a good movie, I should say “stupided-up”) with all sorts of dumb government conspiracies and people with personal problems: the lead scientist / teacher has had an affair with a co-ed, causing a divorce and a troubled teen (who will no doubt find himself in harms way), double-crossing, back-stabbing government agents and super secret military projects, a junkie journalist in rehab who, surprise, gets the scoop, which, surprise, drives him to use coke again, scientist guy who doesn’t like the other scientist guy he’s working with because of “what happened in Houston”, a cast so diverse you would think they were cast by the Rainbow Coalition Diversity Division, and they are all sooo fantastically cut and in shape (’cause scientist have so much tie to work out) and all look tan and rested and ready to go (except Rickey Schroeder, who probably couldn’t tan if you launched him into the sun)…. the contrived spirit of the thing goes on and on… You don’t care about anyone in the movie really, they’re all cardboard cutouts from every bad sci-fi movie you’ve ever seen. The animals who perish in the inevitable lab testing or at ground zero earned more sympathy. You kinda hope either they all get infected with the Andromeda Strain and die, or you do so you’re put out of your misery and won’t be watching the rest of this two part disaster tomorrow night… oh, I forgot to mention the super secret advanced buckeyball nanotubes. Yeah, the same double-super-secret ones we’ve been reading about in “Popular Mechanics” for the last fifteen years?

Installing Cinelerra on Fedora 8

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So, I have this bit of video from one of my old bands that I want to post on my blog, but it needs to be cut and spiced up before it is ready for public consumption. I could use one of the many DV editors available for Windows XP, but made a pledge long ago to use open source software as much as possible. Cinelerra is considered the top of the line open source video editors. I have been trying to use this video editing program on several different Linux OS’s but had been running into various problems. I have always been a fan of Debian based distros, mainly because of the excellent package management system call Apt-Get. But I either couldn’t get the right dependencies (64 Studio, Debian Etch) or my external hard drive, where my video is stored, wouldn’t mount (Ubuntu). I decided to give this a try using Fedora 8. I had it installed on my laptop last year and remembered that my external hard drive mounted with no problem. Now to install Cinelerra. At first I had some problems with dependencies, and found that the instructions I was using to install Cinelerra were outdated. Here is what worked for me:

If you haven’t done so, install the Livna repository.

DO NOT use the Cinelerra package at FreshRPM. This is where I ran into dependency problems. Some of the dependencies provided for Cinelerra at this repository are not currently compatible with those you will use from the newer and more up-to date Livna repository. Instead, use the Software Installer option and install one of the packages found HERE.

PS. As is usually the case when messing around with my computer, finding solutions is often trying this and that to find what works. It’s much like fumbling for a light switch in the dark. I didn’t take notes as I was working out and blogging about this was an afterthought, so I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. I noticed that I did not disable the FreshRPM repository when I successfully installed Cinelerra. If you still have dependency issues, you might want to disable it and try again.

Throwing African Americans Under the Bus…

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…and the tread marks are still fresh:






PS. For some reason, the back-slash, which would represent the left arm and leg, won’t post on wordpress. I have no idea why.

Chickens Coming Home To Roost, or Reaping What You Sow, or What's Good for the Goose…

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I really wished I had more time to blog, but the work on my student teaching and the stuff in my life leaves little free time for indulgences such as blogging. Anyway, I have been very critical of the continued Hannity / Savage / Limbaugh / Levin right wing attacks on Candidate Obama because of his associations with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. I’m not saying this isn’t a viable issue, but the amount of overkill on this issue, is, to say the least, pathetic, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend this type of negative campaigning would ultimately be used against a Republican candidate. Well, it didn’t take too long for the tables to turn, and I can assure you this is only the beginning. By spending two months in a spinning and swept state of euphoria created by constantly inhaling the fumes from the political bong loaded with this ad hominem opiate, they have opened the door for these very same guilt by association attacks to be used on their candidates (though one could make the argument that McCain is not their candidate – Hillary Clinton is!). The right wing religo-idiots have legitimized this ugliness as a proper means to the ends, no matter the cost.

The Slippery Slope Lives!!! UPDATE!

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They told us that if gays were ever allowed to get married this would happen. Apparently, they were right!!!

And it just gets worse!!!

Gays are EVIL and must be destroyed!!!

NOTE: Maybe I’m being too hard on this guy – the pony pic could just be an innocent misunderstanding – I mean I wasn’t there. Maybe they really did just SLEEP together… Or, maybe it was the pony that seduced Tony… Or maybe he just got really, really drunk last night… Or, maybe Tony is new to this country and misunderstood when he heard the other guys say they slept with whores… Or, you know how  first loves never work out because it’s a mismatch… well, here you go.

Hat Tips: Caption This and Digg.

UPDATE: Nevermind declaring war on gays; it’s the seals that are corrupting society. (thanks mjmj, and welcome back insta-P readers)