The Lock-Down of Sarah Palin

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The big debate yesterday was whether it was wise for Oprah to refuse to have Sarah Palin on her show. Her appearance would, after all, command a HUGE audience and garner some serious $$$$$ from advertisers. But another question needs to be asked, would the Republican apparatus, which has already drawn a circle around Mrs. Palin, even allow her to be on Oprah? Here is a vid of a campaign staffer explaining her contempt for the media, some of it deserve IMO, and also indicating that the press will be given very limited access to the Presidential… I mean VP candidate:

This will make the base, who despises the “drive-by” media, very happy no doubt. But I’m not sure that this idea of a virtual media lock-down on Palin is going to win over the independent and undecided voters who, like it or not base, will be needed in order to assure a GOP victory in the fall. Don’t forget, we are living in an era often referred to as THE INFORMATION AGE!!!!!! Hint. Hint.

On Executive Experience.

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For those debating on who you should vote for based on “experience”, Obama or Palin, this article is a must read. Todd Zwicki at Volokh has some thoughts based on personal experience:

One thing that I have noticed, for instance, is how much more knowledgeable Governors and executive branch officials are about details of legislation and regulation than legislators. I recently was advising a Governor of a state on some legislation to increase the state’s personal property exemptions–not thought of as a big issue. But this guy (and his staff) really wanted to delve into the details of the legislation and its likely effects, the empirical work on the topic, etc. They take responsibility for what they sign and the effects of laws and regulations that are enacted.

Based on my observations, I’d say as a rule of thumb two years as a Governor certainly exceeds four years as Senator in terms of useful experience. Senators do not have to take personal responsibility for the decisions the body makes. They don’t have make tough decisions, they cut deals. This is valuable experience, but it really isn’t the same sort of experience as being an executive. Governors have to show up for work every day ready to make decisions.

Toward the end, he notes:

I submit that based on my personal observations, those who think she “lacks experience” to be President because she is a first-term Governor really just don’t know what they are talking about. And I think her ability to “step up” and give her rocking speech at the Convention is consistent with this. Nobody really has the experience to be President–the job is sui generis. What you have to have is someone who has the intelligence and character to be able to be President. Being a Governor tests for those criteria; being a Senator does not.

He suspects that during the VP debates, candidate Joe Biden (who he holds in high regard BTW) will fall into the typical trap Senators running for executive branches fall into, being long winded and having an air of self importance, a.k.a. “Senatoritis”. I know, I know, Biden being long winded and having an air of self importance – IMPOSIBLE!!!!

PS. Oops. Did I say “Obama and Palin”? Oh well.┬áLets face it, as far as the Republican base is concerned, McCain is almost a non-factor now, and should probably just drop out.