The Palin Lockdown – A Rebuttal.

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Andrew Sullivan, Sire Says and I have made a bit of a stink concerning the radio silence surrounding Sarah Palin. The McCain campaign will not let her do any interviews until she is up to speed on foreign policy issues and McCain’s stand on the issues. AsĀ  Jim Lindgren has pointed out, just because you are talking to the media doesn’t mean that you’re giving full access. He has some advise to us critics:

…observers should not get too worked up about this issue, given the Obama campaign’s long history of struggles with the press over access to Obama, intermittent refusals to hold regular press conferences with the reporters following him (favoring instead short interviews with local and national press less up on the issues), and the habit of punishing any reporters who probe too deeply, especially about his carefully crafted personal history.

He then details various struggles the press and political rivals have had getting info from the Obama camp. Once again, Kudos to the gang over at “The Volokh Conspiracy”, who seem to be doing a better job of covering this election and the candidates than the MSM.