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This one just doesn’t seem to want to at the moment.

The Red Guitar

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I had meant to post this two months ago, but fell behind due to politics. Other than the forthcoming Presidential Experience history to match the one for VP’s, I will be blogging music stuff this next week.

Here are my two axes.

The green thing is a Yamaha 5 string bass. It was purchased for my birthday in March of 2000. at  the end of that year, while I was at Lego Land in Carlsbad, our house was burgled and this bass, along with my beloved Peavey Dynabass, were among the items stolen. How is it that it is right now hanging upon my wall? Well, a year and a half later, a friend was walking around in downtown Fresno and saw a bass that looked just like my stolen one, hanging in a pawn shop window.  He called me right away. I went to the pawn shop and confirm that it was indeed my stolen bass. Even though I was able to prove ownership, it still took another year to get the bass back. Bureaucracy.  Though my Black Dynabass is still out in the wild somewhere, I did get the green monster back, and it hs been my workhorse ever since.

I have been playing bass for twenty-two years, but swor that I would someday learn to play guitar. Well, that day is finally at hand.The red Fender Strat is the latest addition to my stable of music stuff. I bought it from my Li’l bro for seventy five bucks while I was visiting him in San Diego in July. It has new tuning keys, and a new Seymour-Duncan bridge pickup. The neck was making noise due to a loose trus rod, and the springs on the tremolo bar needed adjusting, but it is a nice playing guitar. With the help of Cliff, my great friend and guitarist in my San Diego band Rareform, I was able to fix the guitar up and have been practicing on it for a couple of months. Though I am still having a hard time playing with a pick (I use my fingers to pluck the strings when I play bass), and  remembering which chords are which, AND switching from one chord to another, I’m making progress.

My next post will include some of my first primative recordings made with the red guitar.