Remember, Teaching English Is Not On Her Resume…

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Sarah Palin, answering a question about the government bailout of insurance broker AIG:

“Dissapointed that taxpayers are called upon to bailout another one,” she said. “Certainly AIG though with the construction bonds that they’re holding and with the insurance that they are holding very, very impactful to Americans so you know the shot that has been called by the Feds its understandable but very, very disappointing that taxpayers are called upon for another one.”

OK. the sentence sucks. but did the press leave out a comma or two?

I do love this line in the story:

Though she has been on the campaign trail for nearly three weeks, Palin has yet to hold a press conference, and this morning’s stop marked the first time she answered a question from the press on the fly, prompting concerned looks from staffers.

Ah, gotta love the handlers. Come on guys, lighten up! We’ve just been through eight years of presidential verbal stumbles and bumbles and syntaxical gymnastics, do you really think more would be that much of a shock?

Biden has it so much easier. It’s a surprize when he doesn’t put a foot or two in his mouth. Actually, the most shocking moment of the campaign came from Biden during the primaries. When asked a question in one of the debates, the compulsivly long winded Biden simply said…. “No”. Expecting a lecture, he audience actually laughed at Bidens abrupt answer.

MSM Embarrassment – The Story The Press Isn't Talking About

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“Troopergate” came to light almost as soon as Sarah Palin was announced as the VP pick for John McCain. Here is the Washington Post article that came out on Aug. 30. I looks pretty damming toward the Palin’s. Ah, but yesterday some news broke – Walt Morgan was operating behind Palin and the administrations back to get funding for something not in the budget. This is easily ground for termination. Here are more details. He was fired for insubordination.

OK, my first thought was – “Wait, this smells fishy. Why weren’t these details known or released before now. This looks like it is made-up to try and get Palin off the hook”. Hey, it’s a tight political race, and you know politicians. And I wouldn’t put it past either team to pull a stunt like this. This was to be the point of my post. That this new evidence is phony. But while looking for the story that was released yesterday, I found THIS, a blog saying the exact same thing, but dated Aug 30th. It is a must read. Contains all sorts of details the Washinton Post didn’t / wouldn’t tell you. And the author of the blog is using info and links published BEFORE Palin was ever chosen to be VP.

OK, I still have to ask why the Palins didn’t make this info more widely known from the get go. Would have avoided the appearance of guilt. I suspect the McCain legal team didn’t want her to mention it at all since it is still being investigated, and being investigated, even if you’re not guilty, doesn’t look good to the general public. Yes, Palin may have had issues with the ex-brother-in-law, which may have played a part in the firing of Walt Morgan. But it appears she had plenty of reason to fire Morgan regardless. And this information has been out there for a long time. Now we know the MSM is either incompetent, hates conservatives, is in the tank for Obama, or a combination of all three. Either way, the coverage of this non-story is inexcusable. Oh, and can you, the MSM,  please get more information about the Obama / Ayers connection…. Nevermind, you’ve already shown you’re not capable of doing so.

PS. Just so you know, I’m not voting for the Republican ticket, so don’t accuse me of being biased. I’m either going to vote for Ralph Nader, based purely on this Parrot ad, or I’m writing in Paris Hilton.