Gig 2-Nite.

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Acoustic Highway – At the Full Circle Brewery.


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What The HELL????

How does Anderson Cooper’s hair stay combed at end of the video???? I was a diver in high school and college, and know first hand this does not, can not happen.

It’s impossible! There is something seriously wrong here!!!!!

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We all knew Michael Phelps was a mutant, but as I’ve long suspected, we now have proof that Anderson Cooper is one as well. Charles Xavier, where are you when we need you!!!

Although, in retrospect, I must say, AC’s super powers are… well… kind of lame. I’m not sure if a prefect coif is going to strike fear into the likes of Magneto or Sabertooth.

Hat Tip: Zach.

PS. Many gay men are gaga over AC, but I find him sort of creepy.

A Memory For My Dad.

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When my father passed away two years ago, his ashes were interned at Fort Rosecrans Memorial Cemetery. After the ceremony, we gathered at my little brother’s house in Carlsbad. There we enjoyed food and drink, and as is expected when the Alexander family gathers in large numbers, we broke out in song. Here we are goofing on a Paul Simon song. At the end my sister Mary Beth breaks into some impromptu vocal percussion, and if you know the song, you’ll understand why we are busting up. Dad would have loved it. We love you and miss you.

Bobby Lyle Alexander, Born Sept. 8, 1930. Died Nov. 28, 2006.

What I'm Thankful For.

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Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!!

Sorry blogging has been light. Been busy… Lately!

Things have picked up a bit in the last month. For a while, I was in work limbo for quite a while as both subbing and spa repair jobs were few and far between. Things are starting to change, and this change is a long time coming. Here is some history to show how I got from there to here.

Uh Oh, this sounds like long post. “So what are you thankful for” you may be asking? Be patient. I’ get to that in due time.

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A Party In Limbo – The Death of the Conservative Movement.

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Concerning Barack Obama’s appointment of Eric Holder as the new U.S. Attorney General, a commenter at Volokh wrote the following:

Ashcroft had views similar to most Republicans, including the elected President, George Bush, on issues such as abortion and gun control. Yet Senator Kennedy did not pay heed to that, and voted against Ashcroft. I don’t believe that Republicans should do with Holder anything different than what Kennedy did with Ashcroft.

You write that arguments such as Kennedy’s objections to Ashcroft were widely viewed as “pretty stupid arguments”. And you write that “a lot of people were quick to point that out”. However, I don’t remember many people calling Kennedy’s objections stupid (and I don’t necessarily think they were, even if I disagree with them). I asked you to provide some evidence that such objections were viewed as stupid in 2001, and you provided none, instead resorting to attacking my truthfulness and integrity.

It may seem obvious to you that, there mere fact that Democrats made “stupid arguments” against Ashcroft doesn’t militate in favor of Republicans returning the favor by making similar arguments against Holder. But attacking the truthfulness and integrity of the commenter is not an effective means of convincing people.

Even assuming, arguendo, that they are stupid arguments, I don’t see any reason for the Republicans to refrain from using them if the Democrats didn’t. What do Republicans have to gain from being the sole party that refrains from using stupid arguments? Surely some arguments – even if stupid – are effective. And I see no reason not to use stupid but effective arguments.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you the evidence of just how far the conservative movement has fallen. We used to argue that, partisan wise, we took the moral high ground. We did not try to block Clinton’s judges, and that, unlike liberals today, we supported the President when he took action in Bosnia. We had some semblance of honor. Now we’re reduced to – “They did it to us, so lets do it to them”. The transformation is complete. The Conservative movement has fallen from the party of great men such as William F Buckley, to become the party of Rush and Hannity. Congratulations!

PS. I don’t know that much about Holder, but I do know Obama could have chosen worse. He could have picked Jerry Brown as AG!!!….

Actually, I kind of wish he would have, then at least my fellow Californians would be free of that scourge 🙂

Hitler Blogging – Apparently, He Wasn't Nuts……

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He was NUT!

Not quite sure why anyone would care, but the “Big H’ had one of his peas blown off during World War 1.

Boy, Here’s the ball…. Fetch!!!

There is even an old British lyric about it:

♫ “Hitler has only got one ball,
the other is in the Albert Hall.
His mother, the dirty bugger,
cut it off when he was small.
She threw it over Germany,
it landed in the deep blue sea,
the fishes got out their dishes,
and had scallops and balls for tea.” ♫

A Party In Limbo.

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What I’m about to say is anathema to most Republicans.

Ronald Reagan was no Ronald Reagan.

My friend Dan at the Gay Patriot blog asked if we will ever contain the size of government, which immediately led to comments about Ronald Reagan and his battles to decrease the size of government. He may have battled, but he never acheived it.

The party that I used to belong to is struggling with an identity crisis. Part of the problem is that they have taken a good president from their midsts, and wrapped him in a blanket of mythology that prevent them from seeing the truth. Reagan espoused smaller government ideals, but he didn’t practice what he preached. Fed spending was a quarter higher in real terms when Reagan left office than when he entered. Excluding civilians working for the military (my dad was one) the federal civilian work force increased from 2.8 million to 3 million. Note that under Bill Clinton, the federal civilian work force went down from 2.9 million to 2.68 million. Some of that can be attributed to subsequent decrease in military spending (some necessary due to the end of the cold war, some not), but even so, that is cutting the size of government, in practice, not in rhetoric.

Now, I know, I know, there will be indignant blasts that I’m an idiot because Reagan had a Democratic congress and Clinton had a Republican one, Reagan spent to win the cold war, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah. This is all true. But what ever happened to the concept of ultimate responsibility falling to the laps of not only our leaders, even those we revere, but of us, the voters, as well? We will never grow into a true party of fiscal conservatives unless we are willing to not only stop making excuses for past failures to stop the growth of government, including Reagan’s failure to do so, but also for us, the voter, to take responsibility for those failures. We are all too willing to let other priorities take precedence over fiscal responsibility. And yes, that does include the War On Terror. We need to be willing to abandon everything else that distracts us from that goal, which includes many social issues. No more spending for pet projects… period. And we have to be willing to place all things under the fiscal ax, including military spending.

Dan, the goal you strive for is a noble one, one that is foremost at the top of my agenda. I DID NOT vote for Bush in 2004, I did not vote for Obama or McCain either, for the same reason. Their fiscal policies sucked. Until all in the Republican party values fiscal restraint ABOVE ALL ELSE, you will never see your goal.

Global Warming – Is There Nothing It Can't Do?????

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Only Baking Soda and Duct Tape do more stuff, and Baking Soda is nervously looking over it’s back right about now.

Well, it looks like I can retire the “Global Warming Hysteria” category. I don’t thing there is anything else left that can be blamed on global warming.

Stolen From: Big Brain’d Lubos

Quiz: What's In The Box? UPDATE X 2 REVEALED!

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Hint – It’s not a toaster.

UPDATE: The thing in this box isn’t the thing I ordered. They are going to ship me a new box, containing the correct thing inside, so everyone has a few days to figure out what the thing is.


This Warms My Globe, Just A Little.

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Good New Everyone! Gore says “no” to Climate Czar position.

Of course, it is the Washington Times, and they’ve been wrong more times than the National Enquirererer.

Obama, you are the President of Hope. I hope you don’t pick Robert Kennedy Jr. for the Czar position.