An Old Friend Sings The Blues

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Ladies and Gents, Tables and Chairs, my friend Kevin Krohn.

A Friend, Singing The Canadian National Anthem.

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This is my friend Steve, bass and vox extraordinaire from the Stone River Band, singing for the Fresno Falcons hockey team. He won’t be doing this again, as the Falcons, a Fresno staple since 1947, announced last week they are packing it in. Oh well, here’s Steve.

For Paul And Steve

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Note the great vocals by keyboardist Steve George in the middle of the song. I knew he had a good voice, but didn’t realize it was of that caliber. He would have been a lead vocalist in any other band, but for the presence of the grand voice of Richard Page.

Merry X-Mas! Enjoy.

More Here, and God Bless YouTube!

Huge Hat Tip: My fantastic RareForm guitarist Cliff Ecternach, who is no doubt at this moment learning this solo.

Best… Commercial… EVER!!!!!!

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I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Somewhere, Janet Jackson is cursing why she doesn’t live in Denmark.

WARNING: Very NSFW, but this MUST be seen – It’s almost worth getting fired over!

Link: Fleg Master Tlpizza

Stolen From: Insta-P

PS. Why women really shouldn’t skydive.

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel…

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santas helper

During this years turn as Santa, Ned quickly came to regret his typo when he requested a “Saxy” Santa’s Helper.

Borrowed From: V the K.

It Doesn't Get More 80's Than This…

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Pseudo Echo covering “Funky Town”!

OK Cliff. We HAVE to do this song in RareForm.

A Boy And His Dog… Watching TV

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Greg and Odo KB’ing on the couch, watching “Pushing Daisies”.

From Pictures

Merry Christmas, We're Screwed!

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Stolen From: Althouse.

The Ultimate Breakup Song.

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Music Is Comedy.

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Note that the guys capture the life and death of a band perfectly. But I must note that they did skip the part about naming the band. Here’s how that usually works:

  • Everyone meets at a bar…. OK, well, we’d love to, but Steve’s not yet 21, so we meet at his house (his parents are in Australia or something cool like that).
  • We all get shit-face drunk on Coors Lite,  or stoned on weed or shrooms.
  • We pass a napkin around and write a bunch of potential band names on it.
  • Order a pizza.
  • While ordering the pizza, Wayne, being already pretty wasted, wipes his nose on the napkin, smearing half the potential band names.
  • We read the names still readable on the napkin, and vote on them.
  • Being wasted, we pick the stupidest one on the list, going “Yeah, Love It! That’s F**cking Brilliant!!!” not realizing it’s the stupidest one on the list.
  • We start trying to practice but we’re too smashed, and end up laying around.
  • Meanwhile, Emily, Wayne’s girl, had to pay for the pizza delivery cause we’re musicians, thus, we’re all broke and have not a dime in our pockets (spent it all on booze, drugs, new amps….)
  • Now Emily’s, who’s ticked because she had to use money she was saving for a new purse, brings us the pizza, yells at us something we don’t understand cause we’re lit, and dumps the pizza on the floor.
  • We pick it up and eat it anyway.
  • The next day, we talk and decide that we picked the stupidest name on the list, and don’t want to use it.
  • After three weeks and five different name changes, we realize the stupid name we originally chose is the perfect name of the band after all, and thus we are named Cheerleader Death Squad.

PS. The names have been changed to protect the innocent… except for Emily… cause I don’t like her much!.