Hey Now, Hey Now! (for Cliffie, Kevie, Bridget, and especially Paul)

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As many of my friends know, after twenty-three years of playin bass, I am FINALLY learning to play guitar. One of the first songs I decided to learn was Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. It’s pretty simple, and since I am a huge Neil Finn fan, I know the song by heart… well, in my head anyway. While trying to look for the the chords on the internet, I stumbled upon a guy calling himself “farginbastich”. Holy Cow! This guy is now one of my inspirations. He’s got tons of songs he’s done, and he has one of THE SWEETEST VOICES I think I’ve ever heard!!!


PS. Me and Paul became friend many many years ago, in part, due to our passion for all things Neil Finn. When I’m in San Diego we drive all around town and sing two part harmonies to the entire Crowded House catalog.

As If No One Saw This Coming!

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