Do You Hear What I Hear?????

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No, it’s not X-Mas, it’s the “annoy your teenager” hearing test. This sound is supposed to drive them running for the exits!
I can hear the sound, though faintly. I listened while covering each ear. My left ear is younger than my right! Still somehow I have still retained a bit of my “teenageness”, though it’s fading rapidly as another birthday is breathing down my neck – 44 on the 10’th of March. 🙁

Hearing Test

Sonicfrog Mangles History – The Compromise Of 1790.

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At Ann Althous’s blog, there is a discussion going o about the Constitutionality of granting Congressional voting rights to the Representative from the capitol of the U. S., Washington D. C.o. I’ve always understood that this would require a constitutional amendment, but I’m not a lawyer so I’ll leave this up to the experts. However, I thought it would be fun to review exactly why the capitol is where it is. Read more »