An Addition To the “But That’s Different” File

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The Huffington Post has an interesting rubric when deciding who is a villainous criminal and should rot in hell, and who should be forgiven. One person of interest, a Republican, sent dirty IM’s to 17 year olds, the other, a Democrat, drugged and raped a 13 year old. Guess which one they are forgiving?

“Going Rogue!”

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When I heard that this was the title of Sarah Palin’s new book, my immediate thought was: “It will be no time at all before we see this picture with Palin’s face over-layed on the image!” Would be a great cover for the book.


Actually, after simply putting glasses on her, Rogue and Palin do look alike. Hmmm….

Holy Separated At Birth Batman! I’ve just discovered that Sarah Palin is Rogue’s secret identity!!!!


Iran Missiles???? Eh, Who Cares, It’s Taken Care Of.

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I wasn’t that concerned about the pullback of the Missile Defense Shield from Poland and Czechoslovakia. I wasn’t SHOCKED to learn about the “secret” nuke facility hidden in the mountains of Iran. Figured they had more than we were aware of, and they probably have another we really, actually don’t know about. I’m not even in a lather about the missile Iran just test launched.

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Harry Reid – Corrupt F**ker!!!!

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He blocks ACORN probe! And yess, I’ve had too much wine!@ I feel like Christoopher Hitchens right now, except without the brilliance. Steven Green, unlike you, I’m really drunk….. Pretender!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

How Can You Tell If Bill Clinton Is Being Honest?

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He fumbles around for the answer.

After opposing gay marriage, and passing DOMA, he now supports gay marriage. Read the last paragraph and note the no-lawyerly bent of it. It doesn’t squirm, like he’s trying to find a clever way around the question; the answer fidgets, just as the boy would when he has to go to the neighbor’s and tell the granny he’s sorry he threw a rock through her window. Here’s Clinton on Anderson Cooper:

AC: You said you recently changed your mind on same-sex marriage. I’m wondering what you mean by that. Do you now believe that gay people should have full rights to civil marriage nationwide?

Clinton: I do. I think that, well let me get back to the last point, the last word. I believe historically, for two hundred and something years, marriage has been a question left to the states and the religious institutions. I still think that’s where it belongs. That is, I was against the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage nationwide, and I still think that the American people should be able to play this side in debates. But me, Bill Clinton personally, I changed my position. I am no longer opposed to that. I think if people want to make commitments that last a lifetime, they ought to be able to do it. I have long favored the right of gay couples to adopt children.

AC: What made you change your mind? Was there one thing?

Clinton: I think, what made me change my mind, I looked up and said look at all of this stuff you’re for. I’ve always believed that—I’ve never supported all the moves of a few years ago to ban gay couples from adoption. Because they’re all these kids out there looking for a home. And the standard on all adoption cases is, what is the best interest of the child? And there are plenty of cases where the best interest of the child is to let the gay couple take them and give them a loving home. So I said, you know, I realized that I was over 60 years old, I grew up at a different time, and I was hung up about the word. I had all these gay friends, I had all these gay couple friends, and I was hung up about it. And I decided I was wrong.

That our society has an interest in coherence and strength and commitment and mutually reinforcing loyalties, then if gay couples want to call their union marriage and a state agrees, and several have now, or a religious body will sanction it, and I don’t think a state should be able to stop a religious body from saying it, I don’t think the rest of us should get in the way of it. I think it’s a good thing not a bad thing. And I just realized that, I was, probably for, maybe just because of my age and the way I’ve grown up, I was wrong about that. I just had too many gay friends. I saw their relationships. I just decided I couldn’t, I had an untenable position.

Interesting how we eventually get to know the ticks and tells that make us twitch when we hear a familiar politico has changed his or her mind (last year Mitt Romney had me convulsing like a guy with tourette syndrome). This change of heart on gay marriage from Bill Clinton sounds just clumsy enough to be honest. Even more interesting is that he now clears the bar for Obama to do the same.

Hat Tip: Sully.

The Effectiveness Of The U.N.

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From the New York Times, on the reveal that Iran is building a secret underground nuke facility:

“The level of deception by the Iranian government, and the scale of what we believe is the breach of international commitments, will shock and anger the entire international community,” British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said, standing on the other side of Mr. Obama. “The international community has no choice today but to draw a line in the sand.”…

“They have cheated three times,” one senior administration official with access to the intelligence said of the Iranians late on Thursday evening. “And they have now been caught three times.”

…and what happened each of the two previous times they were caught??? Sanctions!!!!

How’s that worked out so far?

Driving Into A Dust Storm

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Hat Tip: WUWT

Why Are Our Priorities So Screwed Up?

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Because of YouTube tapes revealing some of the workers in the organization have read Charlie Rangel’s book on tax preparation and subscribe to John Edward’s ideals of higher moral living, the community organizing group ACORN has been thrown out of the census process, defunded by congress, and is even being completely disavowed by the former ACORN Lawyer-In-Chief. They are thankfully headed down the rat-hole of history. I discovered something recently concerning ACORN that leaves me a bit dismayed. Some how I missed that back back in July of 2008 it was revealed that the brother of one of the founding members of the organization embezzled about a million dollars back in 1999 -2000, then not only hid the fact from outsiders for almost ten years, but kept the guy on the payroll. And it gets better:
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Liberal Gay = Classy…. Not So Much.

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Though I haven’t been following this much, and I’m not sure why anyone would, recently there was a fundraiser / auction to raise funds for Sarah Palin. The prize for the highest bidder? A dinner date with the ex-gov of Alaska. The woman who won the contest is a grandmother type, probably in her late 60’s, and, of course, conservative. Her bid was $63,500. That’s pricey, but hey, she got what she wanted – a dinner with Sarah Palin.
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Feinstein Shows Her Hand – Minnows Rule. UPDATE X 3

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So the California water crisis has made an unexpected emergence in Washington today. Here is the story that broke today on the local Ray Appleton radio show, which happened in real time thanks to an anonymous source (probably Sen. Devin Nunes) texting the host while he was on air. I am also including updated info, as more has occurred since the end of the program.

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