Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream…

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So here I am, Saturday morning, at Greg’s sisters house. As sometimes happens when sleeping in less familliar surrounding, the sleep was fitfull. It may be the setting, or it may be Greg’s fault. I get to that in a few.

The dream?

Greg and I were traveling to the top of a very high mountain. We were not driving a Subaru, but a Mini Cooper instead. That should have been the first warning that the dream was not going to go well. So, were at the peak, and we see one of my old best friends, Mike Sheber. Mike and I were best friends during our early teen years, but lost touch after he moved away. We found each other ten years later, but the connection we once had had faded, we had grown too far apart  with very different interests, and the bond of friendship just wasn’t the same. Since then I haven’t talk to him in about sixteen years.

So, as the dream unfolds – there he is, on top of the mountain. I try to appoach him, but he is alloof and dissapears. Well, I really want to reestablish the friendship, so the trip to the top of the mountain becomes a mission to find my long lost friend. I talk to many of the townfolk, and they warn me to stay away from my former friend. Frustrated by the lack of cooperation, I start driving down the road, stewing in my frustration, when  a car cuts me off. Being in a Mini Cooper and not in my superior Subaru, I go sliding toward the edge of a very steep cliff. Just when we about to go over the cliff and meet our doom, we are saved, by a Pterodactyl creature that swoops down and clutches the little car. At that point, we pass out.

we wake up the next morning in a hotel room. We don’t remember how we got there, but do remember the Pterodactyl. We realize, with absolutely certainty, the kind of absolute certainty that you only have in a dream, that the Pterodactyl that saved us… is actually my former friend Mike Sheber. He is a Pterodactyl Man. This is why the town folk shun him. The rest of the dream was a quest to find my Pterodactyl former best friend.

That’s the cool part of the dream. There was a down-side.

The dream was not a continuous affair. There were interruptions. Unpleasant interruption.

You see, before we went to bed, Greg was channel surfing last night before we went to bed. For some reason, he stopped on the Fox News channel, just as the Glenn Beck Show was starting. Beck imediately starrted ranting about Obama and “The Chicago Way”, swinging a bat just as Al Copone did in the movie “The Untoucheables”. My drream was constantly interupted by this immage of Beck screaming and yelling and carrying on.

It was very unpleasant. And it’s all Greg’s fault!