Quote Of The Week: “It isn’t helpful to anybody to exaggerate the situation. It’s scary enough as it is.”

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Said by Vicki Pope, top Met Office climate hypocrite scientist kvetching about why no one believes in Global Warming anymore. Too many people exaggerate, she says. Problem is, her name is attached to articles with titles like this:

Met Office warn of ‘catastrophic’ rise in temperature

And she is prone to leaning on the “worse case scenario” herself:

Dr. Vicky Pope, head of climate change predictions at the UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre says that:

In a worst-case scenario, where no action is taken to check the rise in Greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures would most likely rise by more than 5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century.

Her point is correct though, there is too much exaggeration. Problem is, when any scientists notices a problem who’s cause can’t be immediately explained, anthropogenic global warming is the fall-back position. Google “bee rapture” or “deformed frogs”, both of which were initially blamed on global warming, but have since been shown to have completely unrelated causes. And it gets worse than that. Some scientists purposely want to pin the blame of anything and everything on global warming. Did you know that global warming will cause more kidney stones? It’s true! It was published and peer reviewed!

And here’s a whole bunch of other stuff blamed on or caused by global warming, including More SEX!!! Don’t believe me? Here’s a video: