Global Warming! It’s Officially A Religion Now!

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No, I’m not kidding. All hail the Goreacle!!!!!!


On the other hand, being a disciple can be awfully lonely.

Double Hat Tip: WUWT

A More Open, Transparent Presidency… Yeah…. Right. (or is that coppyright?)

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Who else knew there was an internet security treaty being negotiated. Yeah. Neither did I. That’s not the problem. The details of the treaty are being kept super secret. That bothers me. Plus, there is a certain “World Government” feel to this whole thing.

Here are some details:

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement negotiations continue in a few hours as Seoul, Korea plays host to the latest round of talks. The governments have posted the meeting agenda, which unsurprisingly focuses on the issue of Internet enforcement [UPDATE 11/4: Post on discussions for day two of ACTA talks, including the criminal enforcement provisions]. The United States has drafted the chapter under enormous secrecy, with selected groups granted access under strict non-disclosure agreements and other countries (including Canada) given physical, watermarked copies designed to guard against leaks.

But leaks happen. Many are unhappy with what they are learning. Read more »