Healthcare Reform: The Seinfeld Tax – A Tax On Nothing????

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Over at Balkinization, there is a piece refuting the charge that you’ll go to jail if you don’t have or buy health insurance. If this article is correct, you won’t. But I find it interesting to note what will happen – you get taxed:

If you are not exempted [exemptions are listed in the article], and you don’t purchase health insurance, you just pay a higher tax. You don’t go to jail. …if you refuse to pay your taxes, the government will fine you in the same way that it does whenever you refuse to pay your taxes. Prison is also a possibility for the most determined tax cheats,….

(Uh oh… more ellipses. I wonder if Patterico will be pissed?)

So if you have the following choices: If you are not exempted, you must buy qualifying health insurance. If you’d rather not, for whatever reasons, you can pay a higher tax. If you pay your taxes, nobody will come after you…

You might object: the individual mandate tax is different than general revenues going to defense spending. This is a tax directed at people if they don’t do something….

Hold on a second. Tax??? Isn’t that usually called a fineRead more »