Will Harper Collins Make $$$ On Sarah Palin’s Book? “You Betcha!”

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The Daily Finance has done some number crunching on the prospects of the potential profits that can be made from Sarah Palin’s upcoming book Going Rogue. They have a very valid point that the current book sales price war between Amazon, Walmart, and Target is going to decrease the normal revenue stream of the book, but then they trip themselves up on this:

For Going Rogue to go big, she must attract her contingent through bulk sales to the Christian right — an audience long ignored by The New York Times Bestseller List, and by publishing in general, until Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’s Left Behind series about the Rapture proved too big a cash cow to ignore. But a year after her failed candidacy as Vice President, Palin is no longer the great hope of her party. Her image is tarnished by gossip media’s fascination with her and her family — especially Levi Johnston, the teenage father of her infant grandson, who has proved indiscreet with reporters eager for sordid details.

Huh… Are they kidding? Do these people actually check the right leaning blogs? Palin is as popular as ever. Now, I’m not a fan of Palin by any means, and I won’t by the book (I only read about dead important people – Hamilton, Washington, Lincoln, etc), but this silly juvenile spat with the media molded creature that Levi has become, a conflict fanned fueled by the very liberal minded media the right disdains, has only made her more popular than ever with her constituents. Once again the MSM has underestimated the veracity and loyalty Palin enamours from the Conservative base.

Steven Tyler Cancels Aerosmith, Flies Solo. UPDATE

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That’s the word from MTV and Twitter. I know there will be some who are heartbroken over this latest development. Not me. I’ve thought their stuff in the last ten years was mediocre at best, a ghost of the great work they did in the 70’s. Rocks is a favorite album. Still, I’ll trust this more when it’s confirmed by Pat… (hey, just kidding man, that horse has left the barn).

You know, this summer, there was a rumor that Tyler was going to go on tour as lead VOX for the reformed Led Zepplin, which of course means that a jealous Robert Plant will now replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith.

PS. Here is a quote from one of my friends over at Talk Bass, who is, understandably,  not too sad about the whole thing:

Personally I am done with Aerosmith anyways. Our city had its show this summer cancelled when buffoon Tyler fell off the stage in Sturgis. We had bought 4 tickets through the fanclub for $200 EACH. (Way to high to begin with but ZZ Top was the opener). Gig gets cancelled and Aerosmith’s fanclub dinged us $200 for a “cancellation fee”. Couldn’t believe it. Tyler can’t make the gig and I get nailed. Aerosmith will never get another nickel of my money.

UPDATE: Well, so much for that. Here is video from yesterday that has Tyler himself saying his “not” leaving Aerosmith. Robert Plant’s gonna be pissed.