It’s Shark Jumping Day At Sonicfrog. Now It’s The Porno… I’m Sorry, Beauty Queen’s Turn! UPDATE

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First it was Levi, now it’s Carrie Prejean, who had to settle her stupid breach of contract suit she file against the Miss California pageant for firing her because…. it was revealed that SHE was guilty of breach of contract. And when I say revealed, I mean “Revealed“. I gotta tell you, I HATE fake smiles:

I don’t get it. Why do you go on national TV after something like this comes out, and expect the topic won’t come up? Oh look, she’s also been on The View. You’re an idiot. You’re not helping yourself! Sit Down, Get Away Form The Camera’s, And Shut Up!!!!

A big thanks goes out to Bill Handell, who mentioned the reason why the lawsuit was settled on his radio show last week. I regret not writing about it earlier, and making note of which news outlets probably wouldn’t cover it.

UPDATE: Someone please clarify. If you’re suing someone for breach of contract, and it turns out you were the one who breached the contract for making a nude video, wouldn’t the settlement stipulate that the other side can’t talk about the embarrassing vid, not you? Isn’t it assumed that you wouldn’t talk about it because it makes you look bad?

Why would you put language in a settlement that restricts you from talking about something you don’t want to talk about anyway.

Levi Hearts Jon, Jumps Shark!

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That’s infamous reality show whore Jon Gossling… sorry, it’s Gosselin. Hey, don’t watch the show. I hate reality shows. They’re stupid. Anyway, in the article, Levi says he identifies with him… really? Says he got GOOD parenting tips from him… Really???

“He was very positive and gave some good advice that I’m going to take,” Johnston said. “He told me kids are number one and do anything you can for them.”


And what the hell are the “Fleshbot Awards” anyway, and why is Levi speaking… Oh. That. Nice award kid, but were still waiting to see if you have a “career” ahead of you, if you catch my drift.

Man, Levi’s handlers have dropped the ball letting this come out. Me thinks the MSM’s lust for the affable Big L is going to be taking a cold shower. Like all flash-in-the-pans… or is that pants, I knew that the kids was going to sooner or later use up his alloted fifteen minutes of fame. It may just happen sooner than I though.

Climate Change Bill? Not This Year. Effort Runs Out Of Fuel.

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The process of crafting a Climate Change bill has stalled in the Senate. The effort, which was never a high priority within the public consciousness, has fallen victim to its own ambiguous nature. How can you justify destroying whole industries and purposefully killing jobs in a bad economy, for the promise of maybe creating maybe half as many sometime in the future (if you’re lucky) all in the name of fixing a problem that can’t be seen or felt by the general public. Forget the over-hyping of the consensus thing, and the absolutely preposterous exaggerated claim of how Global Warming effects EVERYTHING! People want to see their elected leaders working on stuff that will improve their lives in the here and now, not to try and pass new rules that they know instinctively won’t make a difference now, and won’t even make much of a difference in the future. You can only say “yeah, it won’t do much, but it’s only a first step“, so many times before the general public catches on that it won’t do much. And don’t think that last Tuesday’s elections don’t have an effect. The Democratic caucus is pretty nervous about now.

Ah, the price of over-reach. Can’t wait to see some of the hand-wringing.

And on a related note, Al Gore’s Current TV is laying off 80 employees. I feel bad for the employees, but wonder how much longer CTV can survive. I also give Gore credit for trying something different. That said, is it wrong for me to want to see him fail?