Scott Browns New Campaign Icon – Mooninites

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Anyone remember this from 2007?  Brown’s opponent, Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley, prosecuted two guys working for Cartoon Network for placing a bunch of home made light-bites displaying this image throughout the Boston area. The two guys were pulling a gag to promote the upcoming Aquateen Hunger Force Movie. These lighted placards were placed in cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and even Chicago.  Only in Coakley’s jurisdiction of Boston was there a fuss made and charges filed. I can possibly understand someone maybe mistaking these for a possible terrorist device. I mean, who knows. But once they found out what they were, and what the intention was, there was absolutely no reason to prosecute. It made her look like an over zealot idiot who is completely out of touch with the cartoon world.

My favorite line from the wiki linked above:

During the preliminary investigation at the site, the police found that the device shared “some characteristics with improvised explosive devices,” with the notable absence of actual explosives.

Hat Tip: Sully

Word Of The Day: Favoritism.

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Question: “Hey Democrats, why don’t I get a special tax break to buy me off on approving the useless health care bill?”. Answer: “You’re not in a union you idiot!”. Yep, the Democrats  cut the unions and government workers a sweetheart deal to get them on board the Health Care Reform train – Tax breaks for the Unions! At least for the next eight years. What about the rest of us?

Best snarkiness, from the Economist:

IT IS as if George Bush had said: “Join the National Rifle Association and we’ll cut your income taxes.”

A Novel Excuse For Poor Government

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It’s the computers!

Uhm, It’s not the computers guys. I’m typing on a computer that is 7 years old. It runs XP and several versions of linux. It also runs quickbooks 2000 for my business.

The problem the government has is NOT a hardware OR software problem. It’s what we call in the tech industry a PEBCAC error – Person Between Computer And Chair!

Or in this case, it would be a BUBCAC error – Bureaucrat Between Computer And Chair!

This does remind me of a trap musicians, especially those learning to play, often fall into: “If I JUST HAD that shiny bright new guitar, I would sound soooo much better!!!”. I guess the Obama guys are still learning how to govern.


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I got this in the mail today.


Congratulations, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing issued you the following document on 1/14/2010

Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential
Document Number: XXXXXXXXX
Issuance Date: 10/21/2009
Expiration Date: 10/01/2013
Authorized Subjects: Foundational-Level General Science (Examination), Social Science (Examination)

I took the science CSET tests in July, so this has taken about half a year. I now have TWO teaching credentials. Yay!!!!! Now to get a teaching job…. Stay tuned.

Grubergate Cont.

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Here is some interesting perspective on Grubergate from The New Republic. I was going to be snarkey, but sometime it’s worthwhile to sit back and reflect.

From The “It’s Only Bad When Republicans Do It” File – Grubergate

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What is it with academics, politics, and honesty? First we had Climategate –  Now we have Grubergate! Grubergate? Grubergate???? What the hell is Grubergate?

Well, just like Climategate, if you get most of your news from the MSM, you’ve never heard of it because they’re not reporting it and ignoring the story. It involves MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, who was paid gobs of money by the White House controlled Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to write a report on health care reform. The report was favorable. The problem is, the report is not publicly available, and, more damning, it was sold to the public as an independent analysis of the administrations health care initiatives. Here is a good jumping off point – Jane Hamsher’s article form the Huffington Post:

Up until this point, most of the attention regarding the failure to disclose the connection between Jonathan Gruber and the White House has fallen on Gruber himself. Far more troubling, however, is the lack of disclosure on the part of the White House, the Senate, the DNC and other Democratic leaders who distributed Gruber’s work and cited it as independent validation of their proposals, orchestrating the appearance of broad consensus when in fact it was all part of the same effort.

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