In Defense of the Gasoline-Powered Internal Combustion Engine

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Meme Alert – Happy For The Scott Brown Victory = Racist.

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A number of bloggers are freaking out over something Alvin Felzenberg wrote over at National Review Online:

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts is more than just a defeat for President Obama and the priorities his administration has established during his first year in office. It is an outright rejection of the “identity” politics he and his party have championed for more than a generation.

A friend of mine put it best when he asked me when the Democratic party ceased voicing the concerns of ordinary Americans, working-class Americans, ethnic voters, and people trying not just to make ends meet, but to actually get ahead? I told him 1972. That was the year the Democrats nominated George McGovern. They treated themselves to one heck of a convention at which group after group championed its “rights” and voiced its “grievances.” Come fall, Nixon won 49 states. Massachusetts was the sole state McGovern carried, along with the District of Columbia. Tonight Massachusetts finally caught up with the rest of the country. How Obama reacts will determine the fate of his presidency, along with that of the country.

First, we have Spencer Ackerman, who starts out telling us that he thought Felzenberg was a nice guy:

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Media Matters – Or Does It?

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No, this is not about the David Brock progressive slant machine. Yesterday, I documentsed the FAIL of the dead tree edition of the New York Times to cover the Scott Brown Election. Today, the media eye has returned to focus on failed Dem candidate John Edwards. Seems he has admitted that he is indeed the father of the baby we already knew he was the father of. Whatever. It’s not like that’s news, unlike the fact that he was having an affair while running for the Presidency. To me, that wasn’t even that big a deal. Sure, it would have derailed his Presidential ambitions, but, what evs. The bigger story turned out to be that the main stream press was covering for him, and wouldn’t lift a finger to investigate to sniff out the truth; they failed once again to do the job we expect them to do. Which brings me to my point. Should the same press that punted the original story now have the right to cover, and make money from the aftermath? I know, this isn’t a question of a “right” in that sense – of course they can cover this. It just seems wrong that they can use the love child that resulted from an affair they themselves decided not to cover, because somehow, it wasn’t newsey enough then? Or does this show they’ve learned from their past mistakes???

Climate Change Urgency – We Need This Deal Now Now Now Or Else We’re All Doomed!!!!!!!!!…. or not.

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Leading up to Dopenhagen, I was for some reason under the impression that a comprehensive deal was urgently needed in order to save the world. I guess I was wrong.