My First Time… Changing A Head Gasket

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I was reading this thread about a mechanic who accidentally switched the left and right heads on an EA 82 Subaru engine, and started to wonder what my worst repair blunder might have been. Most of us back yard mechanics have installed distributor 180 deg off, screwed up on the timing belts at least once, or some other silly thing. I was wondering what memorable mishap you’ve done in the shop.

I think my favorite would be the first time I ever replaced a head gasket. The year is 1986. I’m in college and of course very poor. The car that got me started on my long ascendancy to shade-tree mechanic uber-master was my 1976 Honda Civic, one of the ones with the little 1200 CC  CVCC four banger under the hood (great little engine). After noticing excessive smoke coming out the exhaust pipe for a few days, the car suddenly won’t turn over. Try to start it, and the engine goes “kunk” and won’t turn. Read more »

♫ He went there to read a letter, meow, meow, meow.

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Where the reading light was better, meow, meow, meow…   ?

As Suspected – IPCC Full Of Fraud

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WOW!!!! If this is true, the house of cards is crumbling down as far as credibility is concerned! Sorry RealClimate. This wasn’t an error, it was a feature!