Say What? Andrew Sullivan Get His Own “Quote Of The Day”

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He has a feature on his blog called “Quote Of The Day“, generally reserved for something dumb or outlandish that recently appeared in print or on the internet. Well, today, he get’s to be the recipient of his own award. Here is the quote he featured as “QOTD III”:

“Her work is her life is her work,” – Charles Fried, a Harvard Law professor, on Elena Kagan, a woman with no romantic life since college, no pets, no retreat and apparently a private life devoted solely to the elites.

Here is Andrew expanding on the thought:

The profile today is almost a parody of Washington careerist insularity – with everyone in power in cahoots with, or related to, everyone else, and everyone just loving one another to death. The idea that Kagan represents real experience of the real world is, quite simply, ludicrous. She is the polar opposite of Clarence Thomas – as bright as he is dim, as protected by liberal elites as he is brutally exposed by them.

Now, you may disagree with some of Clarence Thomas’s decisions from the bench… But “Dim”? And which liberals have exposed him? Would that be Timothy Noah, who not only apparently started the “dim bulb” meme rolling, but  doesn’t have anything  of substance to say about Thomas’s history on the bench in his Chatterbox gossip column.  Or does Andrew mean this “takedown” of Thomas by Harry Reid, who BTW, not only didn’t apparently know much about the case he cited, as he got major facts wrong, but who also doesn’t seem to take the time to read the legislation his own Senate is passing. Plus, more than a few lawyers, you know, those guys who, unlike two bit gossip journalists and flailing Senators, actually have to read and decipher legal opinions and judgments to make a living, seem to have high regard for Thomas’s body of work.

So here’s to you Andrew Sullivan, for qualifying to have your very own “Quote Of The Day”.

PS. How soon will Reid’s comments on Clarence Thomas come back to haunt him in the upcoming campaign? (Sharron Angle… Hint, Hint)

Time Out

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I won’t be blogging for the next three days. I’m going to be recording three songs, and I can’t do internet stuff and record at the same time.

Be back in a few days.