Happy Birthday To The Master!

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No, it’s not the Sonic-Mates birthday! It’s suspense master Alfred Hitchcock’s!!!!  Armchair Commentary has posted a list of movies created by other directors that display Hitchcock’s formula for creating suspense. It’s a very good list….  But they missed one. Please consider “Silver Streak” directed by Aurthur Hiller

silver strak

It is a pure Hitchcockian homage. Has all the ingredients…

—  Spoiler Alert  —

A slow yet steady build of plot, mystery, intrigue, a guy, a girl, a train (Alfred loved trains), saucy banter, a budding romance, girls dead boss falling past the window…. Or did he???   What???  Is the murderer who you think?  Plus, there is the added treat of having Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder starring in a movie together. This was inspired casting, and the two comic stars shine, even when things get serious. It’s a wonderfully written script. If you’ve never seen it, you must. It is one of the best movies from the 70’s.

Elsa Hates My Guitar Playing!

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It’s from a month ago, but I just love the picture!

Fair Is Fair – Prop 8 Trial Was Rigged.

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From NRO’s Ed Whelan. You may or not be a fan of National Reviews politics, regardless, Mr. Whelan offers a more than compelling argument that the deck had indeed been stacked against the Prop 8 defendants by Judge Walker from the very beginning.