Synchronitiy III Lives!!!!

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So, the Police tribute band Synch 3 had the first full practice together. It went scarily good for a first practice. Met the drummer, Chris, for the first time. He is a friend of guitarist Chris, nicknamed Tweed. I used to play with Tweed a number of years ago, and he knew Chris, an old friend would be capable of filling Stu’s shoes on drums. Tweed was right – Chris is more than capable, he’s perfect for the job.

We could have done “Message in a Bottle” and Sych 2″ in front of an audience and not embarrassed ourselves. “Truth Hurts Everybody” didn’t turn out too bad either. I play that with my fingers, but think I’ll switch to pick to get a sharper attack. “So Lonely” was OK, but I can’t do the strong falsetto that Sting did from the album, so the lower register VOX I sing it with will take some getting used to. That will probably be a mid-set song. “Hole in My Life” needs work on my part…. Don’t have the VOX down yet.

All in all, it was a very good practice. I am so jazzed to finally be moving forward on this project. Will keep everyone informed of the progress.