Failed Meme Alert – “2010… Hottest Year EVER!!!!!!” UPDATE 1

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Didn’t Happen.

2010 will not be the hottest year on record. As expected, due to the mid year fade of the El Nino and the establishment of La Nina conditions, temps took a late year nose dive and 2010 failed to beat the 1998 mark. As of this moment, average world temp is back to the decade average, meaning there is still no temp rise evident for at least a decade. As was 1998, 2010 temp was abnormally due to a strong El Nino, which pushed stored ocean heat back into the atmopshere. It wasn’t as strong as 98, but it was strong enough. I expect, if the ENSO / temp correlations hold to the usual pattern, the first few months of 2011 will be below average temp wise.

UPDATE:  UAH data is showing the same decline.

PS. GISStemp, run by Global Warming extremist James Hansen, will no doubt be warmer and give the record a run for its money. There temps charts are always higher than everybody else’s for some reason…

Hat Tip: WUWT

New Meme For 2011 – Act Like Grown-Ups!

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“You childish Republicans… why can’t you act like the more mature Democrats!”…

Because “We need to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it” was SOOOO adult!

Johnathan Cohn isn’t the first to use the “grown-up” meme, but he’s happily amplifying it and passing it along!  He writes:

For a while now, Tea Party Republicans like Senator Mike Lee, who unseated the insufficiently conservative Robert Bennett in Utah, have been threatening to vote against the debt ceiling increase unless they win substantial reductions in government spending. Idle threats about refusing to raise the debt ceiling are nothing new, but the Tea Party crowd seems quite serious about it–in part because they’ve promised their base they’re going to do it.

seems quite serious about it“…. Well Duh!!! If you’re going to make a threat, it probably works better if you seem serious, don’t you think? Because, in Cohn’s world, it’s only OK to make noise about something as long as you’re not serious…. Like the Senate Democrats, including Harry Reid, who voted “NO” on raising the debt ceiling in 2006:

The increase in the debt limit brought the total increase during the Bush administration to $3 trillion. Democrats said the rising debt was the consequence of what they described as a reckless Republican fiscal policy centered on tax cuts for the affluent.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, said Thursday that given Mr. Bush’s record, “I really do believe this man will go down as the worst president this country has ever had.”

Few Republicans took the floor to defend the debt limit request, and three — Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Conrad Burns of Montana and John Ensign of Nevada — joined all Democrats in opposing the increase.

Oops! But, since they were the minority party at the time, it was a safe, meaningless, non-serious vote. So it was OK I guess.

As many others have noted, the demand of going back to 2008 spending levels is radical and, not coincidentally, highly unrealistic…

So, cutting government spend to a level seen a mere three years ago is “radical and, not coincidentally, highly unrealistic“, but cutting CO2 emission to 1990 levels, or better yet, by 80% is perfectly acceptable, and completely realistic. It seems as long as government spending is concerned, something they’re intimately familiar with, Democrats understand the consequences of putting a cap on it, but when it comes to destroying economic growth via a cap in CO2 emissions….

PS. Because I know someone will come back and ask “Where were the Conservatives when Bush was accumulating all his debt?”. Here’s a reminder – It was there. It’s just know one listened.

Hat Tip: Dr. Dan @ Gay Patriot