Word Of The Day – “Faggot!”… There, Canada, I Said It!!!!!

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After 25 years, Canada has officially banned the Dire Straits song “Money For Nothing” because it’s extremely offensive! You Know, it has the word “Faggot” in it. Blog Pals and Facebook Friends, Please link to the offensive song and lets offend Canada like never before!!!!

Signed – A Bass Playing “Faggot”!

Watch Dire Straits – Money for Nothing in Music |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

PS. It gets better. This British paper can’t even let itself print the word!

“The council concluded that ‘f****t’. when used to describe a homosexual man, is a word ‘that, even if entirely or marginally acceptable in earlier days, is no longer so.'”

It appears like that 5 times!

Oh, and Guy Fletcher, the keyboardist for the band in 85, isn’t taking this lying down. He has words to say about this, which includes the word “Faggot”!

And a shout-out must go out to Edmonton radio station K-97 FM which will play the “Faggot”ed version of the song Friday evening repeatedly from 8 to 9 MST to support freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, I’ll be at a gig, but I encourage all my friends to listen, or at least log in and give them a thumbs up!

PPS. I would be remiss if I didn’t post this!

And thanks for the link Gay Patriot. Always appreciate the link.

GLOF’s – The New Global Warming Victim?

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The “frogs are dying due to Global Warming” thing fell through the ice

The bees are not dying due to Global Warming

Neither are the Penguins.

So what is the latest victim????


Well, unlike the other examples, this can clearly be linked to a warming world.  But, it doesn’t prove that that warming is man-made.