Why Climate Scientists Should Never Teach History Either!

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Roman society fell because of Global Warming??????

“At times of social stability and prosperity, like the rise of the Roman Empire between 300 B.C.E. and 200 C.E., Europe experienced warm, wet summers ideal for agriculture. Similar conditions accompanied the peak years of medieval Europe between 1000 C.E. and 1200 C.E.

The study also showed that climate and catastrophe often line up. In the 3rd century C.E., for example, extended droughts matched the timing of barbarian invasions and political turmoil. Around 1300 C.E., on the other hand, a cold snap combined with wetter summers coincides with widespread famines and plague that wiped out nearly half of Europe’s population by 1347. “

Because, you know, the constant attack from Barbarians, the use of foreign mercenaries as soldiers, and the eventual spread and domination of the Christian religion had nothing to do with it! The decline of the Holy Roman Empire after 1250 had nothing to do with the fate of Europeans. The continued growth of cities and lack of proper sanitation in those cities during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, coupled with increases in world trade and unintended transport of disease carrying rats in ship carrying out that trade of course had nothing to do with the plagues.

OK. drastic changes in climate conditions could have been a factor widespread famines that wiped out nearly half of Europe’s population by 1347….

Wait… there was drastic climate change occurring before 1980??? Doesn’t this give ammunition

I’m fond of reminding people that “Climate Scientists Should NEVER Be Trusted With The Fate Of The World!“. It appears now we’ll have to keep them away from our history too!

Here is the study.