Why I Haven’t Been Blogging?

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I’ve been tracing the wiring for the 1983 instrument cluster. Had to do it the hard way!


There are five more pages just like this. One of the previous owners of the thing swapped out the digital dash for an analogue dash. Seeing that the first generation Subaru digidash will die at the slightest provocation, this is a pretty common swap.  Problem was, the digi to analogue swap was not done properly the first time around, so, me, being me, I just had to fix it. It’s almost an OCD thing.  It’s been very time consuming… But it’s been a blast!!!! I love doing this kind of thing!!!

As a result of this, and all the band stuff I’ve been doing lately, I have no idea what’s been going on in the world…  And I kind of like it!