What Bass Player Am I????

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You Scored as John Paul Jones

You are Led Zeppelins John Paul Jones! You are very calm and often content. You are very skilled with many instruments and don’t mind to sit still while your buddys are running around and enjoying themselves, mind you that doesn’t stop you from being a big part of the spectacle during certain songs.

John Paul Jones
Paul McCartney
John Entwistle
Terry “Geezer” Butler
Geddy Lee
Roger Waters
Steve Harris
Gene Simmons

Casey Anthony Over-Reacts???

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* A push dedicated to creating yet another crime, of not reporting a child right away when it’s discovered that said child is missing.

As if this happens often! Come on, do we really need yet another law? And some want to take this all the way to the Federal level.

* A restaurant deciding to refuse service to ANY juror who served in Pinellas County.


I am not a lawyer, but here are my thoughts on this one….

Business owners do have a lot of latitude on refusal of service, but they have to be careful. You may have a perfectly good reason in your mind why you decide to refuse service to someone.

But, lets say that person also happens to be gay, and feels that the reason you are singling him out is because he’s gay.

You do have a right to refuse service. But the customer also has a right to sue if he or she thinks it’s wrong. It’s the great equalizer.

Even though you the business owner / manager may think your reason for denying service has nothing to do with said patron being gay… maybe you didn’t even know the customer is gay, when gay customer sues you, then you had better be able to show with some certainty that it wasn’t actually because the customer is gay. And you may eventually win. But the legal cost may be so much that you end up having to fold up shop and go out of business.

By the way, I own my own business, Frog’s Pool Service and Spa Repair, and more than once have wanted to not provide service to a customer, either really smelly people or they have a dozen dogs and don’t pick up the doggie doo, leaving tons of lands mines in my wake. But I have only stopped servicing a pool or not completed a spa repair because of payment issues. And that has only happened a couple of times.

Oh, and I’m also gay, so don’t refuse my service, or else I may sue!!!

Just kidding. I don’t have the money or time to take up a law suit. Plus, lawsuits are just not my style…  And they’re too damned annoying!!!!