Is He Serious??? AMENDED!!!

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This, from new and apparently, important, blogger Jonathan Rauch:

The economy is tanking. The country may be about to default on the national debt. And what are the Republican political candidates debating? Gays.

Because, you know, Republican candidates have NOT been talking about the poor economy and their solution for this whole time! Even non-candidates have had plenty to say!

Jonathan, Google is your friend. Learn to use it!

Now, you may firmly, thoroughly, with no hesitation, with every fiber in your being, absolutely disagree with Republicans on the solutions they offer concerning jobs growth, but it’s a little disingenuous to try and push the meme that they haven’t been talking about it!


AMENDED!   Oh… Here’s the problem! When you type in the term “Rush Limbaugh Jobs” into the Google News search engine, instead of getting stuff that Rush actually said about the economy and jobs… You get… What Media Matters and other liberals say about Rush Limbaugh’s take on the ATF and his new line of tea!  Because, you know, Rush Limbaugh NEVER talks about the sour economy or stuff like that. Here are the result from a regular Google search. Not much better.


Jonathan, my bad! It’s not your fault!


It’s not that Republicans are not talking about jobs and the economy… It, well, the same ‘ol thing… The media is not interested in what Republicans have to say about it. So, they report on “The Gay” thing instead! So, if you don’t dig, you think “The Gay” is more important, because that is what the media is focusing on.


Wonder why?