Supreme YouTube Banter! Candy-O Style!

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I say often that I was sick and tired of 1970’s longhairs and their guitars…but then came synths, hungry starving bands on Welfare, and inno-FREAKING-vation.? 80’s New Wave and alternative appealed to something I had no name for, but which I now recognize is my cold, cold silicon heart.

The Cars combined New Wave cool with “spirit of AM radio” accessibility.


Since we are reminiscing: I had just started high-school and got invited to a party by some seniors.They played this record ALL night long. I got to drink, I got to make out with a HOT older chick, and I got to “smoke”. I thought to myself “wow, the Cars rock!”. Next morning as I was barfing out all my internal organs into the toilet, I remember thinking.

A) Beer tastes terrible coming out.

B) That chick was actually fugly as hell

C) That might have been oregano.

D) The Cars STILL rock!