Clint Eastwood Chose The Wrong Words.

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Soooo many people are indignant that Eastwood would suggest that President Obama might tell someone something to the equivalent of “F*&% You”….


I should point out he’s come close to doing just that. More than once.

Raise your hand if you think a President who would go on national television and proudly tell the world he’s going to “kick ass” would easily go a little further and tell someone to “f*&% Off”.

Yeah. Both my hands are high in the air.

PS. I wonder if “take-backs” are allowed in the “Chicagoland” Presidential rulebook? I smell an inverse beer summit in the works!

Oh look! There! It happened!!!!

PSS. Yeah. I just had to post this.

Hat Tip: Beer Summit Image.

A Blast From My Past!

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A diving score card, circa 1980-ish. My best score was on dive 5111, which is a from drive with a half twist. On twisty dives, I used to throw the very unusual reverse dive in layout with a half twist, dive 5311. In all my years of diving, I was as far as I know the only one who did that dive.

The back 1 1/2 summy with a 1/2 twist was one of my favorite dives to throw. My two regrets in diving was that I never got to states – missed that by 2/10’s of a point (my fault as I muffed two dives in regionals) – and I never got the chance to learn and throw a back 1 1/2 with a 1 1/2 twist. The last year I dove, the guy who was going to coach had a family emergency and had to quit, which left me without a coach for much of the season. When I finally go a coach, it was so close to the beginning of conference competition, he was reluctant to start working on new dives. I should have insisted that I learn the dive anyway, but i didn’t have the self confidence to issue that challenge in those days.

Oh well.

Here is the back 1 1/2 with a 1 1/2 twist. This is on the 1 meter board. Mine would have been from the 3 meter.

PS. This was written on the back. Have no idea why, except it was probably referring to my car. The writing on top is not mine. I have no idea.