Reluctant GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome!

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I’ve been trying to sell my big bass rig for over a month, and it wasn’t moving at all. If all the components were new, it would have gone for $800 at least. I was trying to sell it for $400, but I had no takers. Then, out of the blue, a guy offered trade that, in the end, I couldn’t refuse!

I am now the owner of this Cort B4FL fresless bass guitar!

Oh! It’s sweet! I already played it at a gig. For never having played a fretless before, I did pretty well. I screwed up a couple of time when I tried to do more on the fretless than I should have… The techniques between a fretted and fretless bass are a but different, but, when I wasn’t getting myself into trouble, my intonation was pretty good.

PS. This is the bass that belonged to Jerry Margosian. The guy was a monster player, and I hope I can learn to play the thing at least an N’th as well as he could!

PPS. I didn’t spend any money getting this thing, but I could use an extra few hundred $$$. Also, i made a promise that if i got more equipment, I’d move something else out the door. So it looks like it’s time to sell my black Peavey 5 string DynaBass.