Cognitive Dissonance…. The Tea Party “Oops” Edition… Part 2

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Remember how a slew of Conservative  / Tea Party talking head went into a tizzy last month saying that President Obama had, with a the stroke of a pen, exempted Congress from Obamacare?

Here’s a remind if this passed you by.

Barack Obama hasn’t become known for his bold style of leadership. Even the lapdog media has called him out on his seemingly passive role as president. He leads from behind on many issues. He is ignorant of the facts on many issues, like the IRS scandal: “I first learned about this from the same news reports that most people learned about this.” That has been a consistent theme with this president. Rarely does it seem that the president gets anything done himself, relegating his role to giving speeches and espousing propaganda without walking the walk.

But that wasn’t the case last week. What issue was so incredibly pressing that Barack Obama himself backed away from the teleprompter and made his way to Capitol Hill? It was an issue so incredibly important that he had to become intimately involved in the negotiations.

The answer: Exempting Congress from ObamaCare.

The meme actually may have started as early as 2009, long before the more recent evil edict was issued. So do the two exemptions cancel each other out?


But it gets better.  Turns out, as does happen with Conservative media when talking about anything that concerns Obama and his policies, this meme is false. At the beginning of the year, Congress does go onto the ACA plan as written into law.

You want proof? Here’s proof. And it’s from the Conservative Washington Times, which is often the source of many stories and falsehoods that are featured on other Conservative media:

“Rep. Phil Gingrey, Georgia Republican, introduced a bill Tuesday that would reverse the Obama administration’s decision to let members of Congress and their staffs retain an employer subsidy that will pay for the lion’s share of their health premiums even as they enter new health exchanges tied to Obamacare.

.Wait… What????

..”even as they enter new health exchanges tied to Obamacare.

I thought they were exempt. That kind of blow apart the whole narrative.