Murphy Hit A Milestone!

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200,000 miles baby!!!!!


I’ve been delinquent in my blogging responsibilities lately. Much goings on!

This actually happened almost two months ago.

Oh, in case you don’t know, Murphy, or Murph as we like to call her, is my 1987 $500 Subaru Turbo Wagon!

murph in mountains

So Murph….  Congradulations on a job well done!


Geek Allert – Happy Birthday To…

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Fedora Linux!

Note, if you’re not a geek and know nothing about Linux, this post will be gibberish.

When they split the Red Hat distro into the commercial version, which stayed Red Hat, and the free experimental one, which was christened Fedora, I thought they were making a huge mistake. Red Hat was the first type of Linux I ever tried back in 2000… Version 7.2 I think, and I really liked it. I thought they were messing with a good thing. We thought the Fedora side would be fed the scrap with all the good stuff being saved for the commercial product that was Red Hat. But the Fedora development team quickly showed they were ready for business and continued to put out a fine version of Linux.

Though I mostly use Debian proper, or derivatives such as Mint Debian Edition, or Peppermint, I continue to have a soft spot for Red Hat / Fedora.

PS. To the Fedora development team…  Guys… Right now, the “upgraded” installation program sucks. Redesign it more like the Anaconda of old and we’ll all be better off..