2016 Election Aftermath – Bonfire Of The Vulgarities. Pt 1

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Here are a few thoughts.

People did not vote for Trump because of the insane / inane comments and tweets he said… Well… Maybe a few people did. As repulsive as some of his comments and tweets were, let’s face it, we have become numb / immune / apathetic to the vulgarities we are exposed to everyday in films, on the TV, and of course on social media. We are used to it. No, they voted for him because he has marketed himself as the common man (the Forgotten Man – Google it). There are a lot of people who are fed up with government, and I’m talking about Democrats and Liberals too. Hillary chose to market herself is a person with long experience in government. Few responded to that.

As far as treating Trump like the Republican Congress treated Obama… No. Show them you are better than they were.

And purge the party of the Clinton machine. You lost because her blind ambitions clouded her from the long standing reality that she’s not a very appealing person. I spent too much time defending her against inaccuracies and flat-out falsehoods, not because I’m a Hillary fan, but because I’m a fan of accuracy and truth. And even then, with as many falsehoods as I worked to expose, there were still plenty of legitimate and questionable aspects concerning Hillary and her lapses in judgement, and her lame attempts to try and obfuscate and lie her way out of them.

Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate.

Hillary’s selling point was her many years of experience in government. Her time as Sec of State was not a shining light of competency. Granted, the Middle East is so fubar right now, I don’t know that anyone can do a good job in the position. By most accounts, she was a pretty good Senator of New York. There are interviews of former Senate colleagues who have high praise for her work and demeanor during her tenure there. That includes Republicans, who are otherwise critics of her. Yes, she would have come into office as one of the most experienced candidates ever to run for the President. But much of that experience also comes with tons of baggage, real and imagined… Thirty years worth. And she was accumulating even more bad even as she was running this campaign for President. On the one hand, I’m horrified that so many in this country seem apathetic that a foreign entity such as Jillian Assange would be working to interfere with this election. On the other hand, what those leaks reveal, about how Hillary and her team corrupted the the DNC and turned it into an “Elect Hillary” machine… And then, when the shit hits the fan, and the corrupt individual running the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is fire as head of the DNC, she is immediately hired by the Clinton campaign… COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Then Donna Brazzile is hire to replace her, and SHE is reveal to have been passing question

A few weeks ago, while giving a speech somewhere, she commented that she couldn’t understand why she was 30 points ahead in this race. The fact the couldn’t see the reason is part of the problem, and, because of that blindness, that was something she would and could never overcome. Of course, she has since come out and blamed Comey for her loss. But if she would have been more careful with the details of running an email server, done it by the book, not deleted things… Well… Maybe that’s where the real problem lied.

My Wall Of Peavey Basses!!!!

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The wall of Peavey is complete. From left to right:

1984 Fury – My most recent acquisition. Ash body, maple neck. First gen was old T-20 renamed. Second gen became a true P type bass. I accidentaly bought it in Reno last week, and after tuning it up a bit, I’m falling deeply in love with this thing! It ALMOST has a Rickenbacker sound.

1989 DynaBass – The first bass I bought was a black DynaBass in 1991. It got stolen in 2000. I had lined for another for a long while, and found “Red” for sale on The TalkBass forum in 2008ish. I LOVE that beast!!!

1998 Fury – A fine P bass for less than a Fender. It’s not as “cool” as having a real Precision Bass… But then, I was never cool.

2011 Millenium AC 5 String – One of my old bands was having a reunion, and I played mostly 5 string on our songs. Problem was… I no longer had a 5er. I found this for a bargain. Not their top of the line model, but it does have the same electronics and pickups of their more expensive Cirrus bass… Which I wants btw.

Oh… And the thing hanging on the wall with the squares is an early “Acoustic Frames” prototype.

UPDAT: I was just checking eBay, and there is a Peavey fretless 5 string that needs a new home….