Fun With Binoculars And Solar Eclipses, 2017 Edition.

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I did this during the partial eclipse in 2012.

And this:

So, of course I couldn’t let this eclipse in 2017 go by with out a little bit of fun.

Fed Up

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I’ve been a very patient man, but I’ve reached my limits. Yesterday, certain Conservatives, without waiting for any confirmation, posted the name of a guy, accusing him of being the driver in the Charlottesville attack. A facebook “friend” was one of those who gleefully posted the name of this person. The innocent guy was accused for only one reason, because of the person’s political affiliation, which is liberal.
That is blatant slander. The police had not issued the identity of the driver.There was no reason to post except to try and show a “Libtard” did it. When called on it, he didn’t care that the person was innocent.
Another “friend” posted a completely false story about Malia Obama getting busted with other Chicago “thugs”, complete with supposed mugshots, who, as you might guess, were all black, over a supposed bust involving several pounds of cocaine. The “friend” didn’t give a damned when pointed out this story was completely fake. It really ticked me off, because, no matter what your opinion of the political figure in question might be, I have long held that, unless the person actually has done something that directly involves policy, such as Hillary being in charge of the healthcare issue when her husband was President, partisan attacks on wives / family members of politicians are out of bounds. The “friend” tried accusing me of doing the same thing here all the time on my page with Ivanka, Malania, or Trump’s young son Barron.

I have probably mentioned Ivanka on business issues / practices a time or two. I’ve maybe mentioned Melania once, when she was caught plagiarizing a Michelle Obama speech. But I’ve NEVER in any way said anything slanderous about Barron. NEVER. I have a long policy of showing distain for that practice. Here is a post I wrote concerning attacks on Anne Romney:

I have no problem criticizing any politician when he or she is pandering, which Mitt was doing with his original comment. And it was clumsy, as usual. But what Rosen did, in order to score some political points, was akin to throwing fellow woman Ann Romney under the bus. And here it’s worse, because Mrs Romney wasn’t even in the road, but was a pedestrian on the sidewalk, and Rosen had to swerve to nail her!

I’ve felt this way since the Reagan years. I defended Laura Bush. I defended Michelle Obama, and I have defended Melania Trump. And I have defended their families. I have written about Donald Trump Jr. But he’s actively involved with the campaign, and he has been shown to have lied about things directly tied to his fathers campaign.

The same people who have no problem slandering others, are also the same people who cheer when protesters get run over. Even though I don’t share the same opinion, I can understand the opinion that blocking traffic during a protest is wrong. I get it. But to celebrate and revel when a person uses a car as a weapon…. Nope. That is a love and lust for violence I just can’t tolerate.

Those “friends” are gone from my facebook page.

So I’m fed up. If you