The Chicago Corrollary.

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Ahhhh… The clarion call of gun worshiping Conservatives everywhere, which tries to tie gun violence to gun restrictions, not only saying that restrictions don’t work, but they may also CAUSE more gun violence because law abiding citizens aren’t able to defend themselves with their own guns. I’ll call this the “Chicago Corollary”. But does the meme stand up?

Nope. Of course not.

The shootings in Chicago for the month of September are not analogous to the Las Vegas massacre for a few reasons. First, the shootings committed in Chicago were the result of 51 different crimes incidences spread across the month, whereas the 58 who died in Vegas were all killed by one single individual. Las Vegas recorded 70 gun homicides for the first half of 2017, which is about 12 per month. If that trend held through September, then the gun related deaths for Vegas are now higher than Chicago.


Several sources point out that Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco have tougher laws. Chicago USED to be number one on the list, but several court challenges led to rulings that negated the toughest restrictions. Note, I’m not judging the merit of those rulings, but simply pointing out that how the city laws have been scaled back. Interesting to note, Chicago’s toughest gun laws were struck down in 2010 and 2013. Not too long after, gun violence began a sharp upswing.

Next: If the Chicago Corollary holds up, then those three cities must also be the top three in gun-related homicides.

The top three are St. Louis, Baltimore, and Detroit. As of last year, Chicago was in eight place.

Cities with much higher murder rates such as Memphis, New Orleans, and Newark never get mentioned…. Newark???

Oh… And New Orleans is an open-carry city. How’s that working out, and why doesn’t that city ever get mentioned in the debate about gun violence???

Long story short, Chicago isn’t the worst city in regard to gun violence. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not an issue of cities… It’s us, The US. Our societal infatuation with guns and violence has led this country to have the highest gun related homicide rates among the wealthy Western countries.

We in the United States have an expectation that, through American enginuity, we can do anything better than anyone, we can be better than any other country.

I don’t know… Can we?