Sensible Conservatism Is Dead. Part 3,510,700.

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Remember when Philando Castile was murdered by a cop, and the right spun it as Castile’s fault???
Well, here we go again. From Conservative intellectual leader Rush Limbaugh:
“””The Khashoggi situation continues to be… If you watched the Drive-By Media, the biggest news of the day continues to be the death of the so-called journalist (so-called journalist????), Jamal Khashoggi. I’ve been waiting for this. There’s a story out there at the Washington Post: “Conservatives Mount a Whisper Campaign Smearing Khashoggi in Defense of Trump,” and, of course, your host is mentioned prominently in this story.
There’s no whisper about this campaign. I’m not whispering anything about this when I’m speaking about this. I’m shouting it from the rooftops! There is no question what this is. I think anybody that pays any attention to the media knows: If the media is focusing on it, in the last 2-1/2 years, it’s because they think they can do great damage to Donald Trump with it. Pure and simple! Open and shut, front and back, that’s it! They don’t care about Khashoggi.
They want you to think they do because of the brotherhood and the brethren of journalists, but that’s not what this is. And, in the process, they’re not telling anybody who Khashoggi really was. We are. I’m attempting to tell you who he was and what he stood for. But this, in a nutshell, is an attempt to damage Donald Trump’s foreign policy by making him cave and renounce a close relationship with Saudi Arabia.
It is also about militant Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood of which Jamal Khashoggi was a practicing, active member. He went to school with Osama Bin Laden. They were buddies! But they diverged in terms of tactics. Bin Laden decided to go the terrorist route and Khashoggi went the Muslim Brotherhood route, which is… I mean, it’s pro-violent.”””

Khashoggi had been at least at one point a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. And he was friends with Osama Bin Laden. That was when they were in high school (note that things that happen in high school don’t matter when you are a white American #Kavanaugh). The two men had connections up to the point where WE, the United States, considered Osama Bin Laden something of an ally in the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan (btw, no evidence links him directly to the CIA). Khashoggi, like the US, parted ways with Bin Laden when he turned to extremism against the west.  But none of the history matters to the right. They simply see the term Muslim Brotherhood and salivate. They say Khashoggi mourned Bin Laden’s death. This is what he wrote on twitter upon learning of it:

Rush of course goes on to tie Democrats and Obama to… 
“””But their PR is that they attempt to achieve their objectives within the, quote-unquote, “democratic process,” the political process. They want a united Arab world, and the Saudis are the biggest problem to that because the Saudis are too close to the United States. The Saudis are the No. 1 buyers of American weapons. No. 1! They spend more money buying American arms than any other nation. That might surprise you, but it happens to be true.
The Saudis have also become recent allies with us and Israel against Iran. Now, don’t laugh at this. If you go back and look at Barack Hussein O, who the Drive-By Media loves? Well, Obama loved Iran, too. Obama paid Iran $1.8 billion in pallet-loaded cash. Obama signed a nuclear deal with Iran that was essentially a pathway for them to achieve nuclear weapons. Trump has since torn that up.
That ticked them off. That sets another rewind of an Obama policy. So if Obama loved Iran, or thought it was okay at least to have an allied relationship with them or less adversarial, then so does the Drive-By Media. But none of this about Khashoggi is designed… It’s not intended to say that he deserved to die. Don’t misunderstand. Folks, we’re between a rock and a hard place here.
Every day, we’re faced with a challenge. The media picks a story that is their No. 1 story, and its purpose is very clear: Damage, destroy whatever, as much as they can, Donald Trump. We have to defend him. At least I think this. This is my reaction to all of this. I don’t want ’em taking Trump out. I don’t want ’emm damaging Trump. I don’t want any of this to happen. This is all bogus! I want the trajectory this country is on to remain.”””
Of course he does!!!And as if all the Muslim dog-whistley stuff isn’t enough, Limbaugh also makes sure he calls President Obama “Barrack Hussein O”, and even injects the name of Valerie Jarrett as well.

Trump is the Rush Limbaugh Presidency by-proxy!!! I was a Rush listener for many years, and there is little difference of anything between them.  Trump is just about as close to a clone of Limbaugh’s political views as one could get. And both men know from long experience that they can cross just about any line they want, and there will be no consequence, because their fans ultimately treat them both as royalty.