Bad Memes.

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I love dumb memes. Here’s one I came across tonight. The idea that Hunter Biden has no energy industry experience has long been a talking point for the right when attacking him and his service on the Burisma board of directors. I’ve challenged people to pick at random 20 BOD’s of companies to see how many have “industry experience” relating to the product or service the company sells / provides.Since Exxon Mobil is mentioned, here are the personnel serving on their Board Of Directors:

Susan K. Avery – No energy industry experience.

Angela F. Bralyy – No energy industry experience.

Ursula M. Burns – Same.

Kenneth C. Frazier – Same.

Steven A. Kandarian – Same.

Douglas R. Oberhelman – Same.

Samuel J. Palmisano – Same.

William C. Weldon – Same.

Darren W. Woods – He’s the only guy on the board who has past energy industry experience.

They really need better talking points.