We Are All Rocks

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He looks around and there’s so much to do


It’s so overwhelms him. So he does nothing.
He chooses to couch sit. Making sure it’s warm and well fed.
A diet of lint, crumbs, and spare change while he goes surfing.
The waves are 500 channels high on the satellite system he bought with the charge card that now way overdrawn and it doesn’t occur to him that the bill is somewhere in the pile over there waiting patiently to be paid

Not that he has the money to pay them thank you very much. That’s just out of the question.

And just to add to the torment and boredom he thinks of any number of girls from his past. Especially the ones he tried to convince that he’s not like the othersWhich of course is absurd. Evidence and time prove otherwise.

Time is the enemy.

It robs us of our youth. Steals our dreams and exposes us to the truth of who we are. Wears us all down like a rock on a mountain.

Yeah. He agrees to himself.
We are all rocks just waiting to crash down to Earth.

It’s only a matter of time.